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Frontside ski. Head or Blizzard?

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Hello everyone! I'm 6 foot 1 inch tall (185cm) and 196 lbs in weight (89 kg). I'm looking to buy an all piste conditions carving ski that will suit me.

I consider buying:
Head SS Titan 177 cm
Head SS Rally 177 cm
Blizzard X Power 810 ti

What would you recommend? That will be my only pair of ski.

PS: I ski mostly in Europe (big mountains) and dont do off-piste.

Thanks in advance.
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I is very important for me that I will be able to ski on piste when there are slush/crude snow conditions.

PS. I usually ski all day long/

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well, the Blizzard at 81mm is the widest of the 3 fwiw (the others 80 and 77 I believe?) and also while they all seem to have only fairly slight rocker barely noticeable at all, the blizzards have it tip & tail where as the heads tip only. Those mentioned features  could be what will make the blizzard at least a tiny tad more versatile (even if minor) for what that's worth to you.


I ski that blizzard at 181 and am 6'1" and about 45 lbs heavier than you. I cannot speak for the Head skis and who knows? perhaps a better fit for you or evn myself too lol....but I can speak for the xpowers and imo are fantastic on piste for me in the US east coast. So darn stable at high speed and even with my weight through some slushy stuff on a balmy rainy warm day performed well as can be given the bad circumstances at the time. They imo have an unbelievable hold on hard pack and at various turn shapes of both short and long turns and at slower or fast speeds they really hold a carve wonderfully which brings me to another point.......the Blizz's have a triple side cut with 16m turn radius tip and tails while 20m underfoot and imo is probably why it works well for me in any turn shape. In and out of turns quickly as I wish or as gently as I wish. I just really enjoy these skis a whole heck of a lot in the various piste conditions I have been with them and whether I drive hard or cruise easy. I find (for a higher level ski) they don't necessarily make demands (within reason of course) but when you want to give them demands they ask for even more. More than i can throw at them lol. Imo its remarkably enjoyable that a ski which really wants to be driven can also allow one to ride them instead if one wishes. No doubt its happier being skied harder but still I feel I can do whatever I wish with these skis on piste, ski them anyway I feel like and couldn't be happier I have them.   

Are they right "for you"? who knows? and never skied those Head skis but just offering up my experiences on the xpowers. Good luck with your choice.

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Big guy, slush and crud important, buy the widest of your choices.


At 196, it wouldn't hurt for it to be fairly stiff, too.

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I appreciate your replies, thankss!

Still want to hear from someone who tested both Blizzard and Head skis and, therefore, can compare them.

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