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I´m currently using a Dynafit zZero4 as boot for (real) skitouring and a Tecnica Cochise Pro 130 for resort skiing and shorter tours.

Regarding the latter, I´m basically satisfied, but despite the 98mm width it could be a little lower volume without let my feet suffer.

That´s the reason why I picked the 130 over the 110 or 120.

Which leads to the second issue:

The boot it´s really stiff and leaning forward is like hitting a wall, i.e. no flex and little feedback.

Unfortunately, most models I know of with a lower flex rate are also higher volume, i.e. 100m with or more.

A smaller size of the Cochise 110/120 wouldn´t be a solution, in my opinion, at least not as long as I use it fot skinning.


One candidate could be the Salomon Quest Mac BC 120 (98mm width like the Cochise Pro 130)

As I read, the 120 is a little bit overrated, which would fit me well.


What would be other options out there?


Alpine soles would be acceptable, since I use frame bindings (Marker Tour and Tyrolia Adrenalin) with the heavier boot.

Touring soles would be still preferable.


Thanks in advance


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