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Trimming upper cuff

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What does the trimming along the dotted line on the top of a Dobermann boot upper cuff on the medial and lateral side do?


Is this done to accommodate large calf muscles or does it affect forward flex also? Wondering if it affects lateral flex.



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Trim to soften forward flex.

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Thnaks Lou.


The concern was the effect on lateral flex.


Any other cuts, mods i can do to soften the WC 150? I already cut the V in the lower cuff and removed the lower allen bolt.

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Do you have large calf muscles?

How much do you weigh?

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No, I have skinny legs, I'm 6'1" The concern was the effect on lateral stiffness, I'd like it to remain unchanged.


I'm trying to soften this boot as much as possible.


I've been told to cut a smaller V in the top back of lower cuff spine. Would this work for WC150 Dobermann? Any other options?


Thank you for responding, Pete

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I'm 175-180 lbs

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yes,  V notch the sides and/or the back.


unless you are racing WC you will not notice a difference.

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I cut the V on sides only on my WC130, it was a significant difference and I like it a lot. Hoping to get there with my WC150 but due to higher density, the lower cuff does not collapse around the instep when flexing. If I can get close, it will require more cutting. Feel free to share ideas.

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watch this youtube clip, i think it might help you:



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I've been told not to cut the top of the upper cuff since it might reduce the lateral stiffness as I suspected. My lower buckle on the upper cuff is loose, due to more mods needed in ankle area, the flex is not blocked by the upper cuff.Cutting the V in the lower cuff was an improvement. My inside ankle is able to flex significantly more at the bottom of the turn, but the rebound from ruts and burrs is harsh. I'm stuck with the weird edge feel WC130 Aggressor, until I get my Redster boot dialed in. Oh well...

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This boot is meant for someone heavier and stronger, but the fit is great. I'll keep trying until the boot in sliced in half.


From what I gathered the options are;

-V cut on sides and back of the lower cuff

-trim the upper where it contacts the lower

-trim sides of the upper


Is there anything else that can be done to soften a boot in general?


I'm thinking about cutting the V on sides deeper, approx 1 inch below dotted line, cutting the back V below the upper bolt, therefore eliminating it. Does it sound ok?

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