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I went to Louise's demo day today. Blizzard, DPS, Nordica, and K2 were there for skis. Tried a couple pairs as I am thinking of getting another pair for deeper snow days, bumps, and maybe try some stuff like ski switch so forgiving is good. They do not have to have neck breaking speed limit, but reasonable groomer and crud busting performances are welcomed (I may just use this one as daily driver). I currently own a pair of Vwerks RTM 84 in 181 and I'm 6', 200 lb. I'd like to think I'm advanced skier... I'd like to hear you guys' comments and suggestions on the skis I tried today and maybe some alternatives as well. 


My thoughts:


RTM 84 (own): Very stable yet light, excellent edge hold. They can work as crud busters too. However I can't really get them to work in deeper stuff as they sink too much if I don't go fast. I also found that they are a handful for me in bumps/mixed with a lot of soft snow. The tails feels like they catch too much once they are on edge. I have to either drop the edge angle by a lot or lift them up to switch direction (I ended up lifting a lot as they are light and easy to do, a lot of the time dropping edge angle bring the skis too fast than I feel comfortable with). Very difficult to smear (I know everybody like to carve but I think smearing has its applications. Maybe I'm just not good enough lol?). They almost feel too stiff in hard bumps too as they always tries to bonce back to original shape when the terrain is uneven by moving back and forth, making it hard to maintain forward/afterward balance. 


Blizzard Peacemaker 186: They don't feel any longer than my RTM, and they work great in bumps. When I put those on, for the same run, I can ski faster, more aggressive, with more confidence while spending way less effort when compared with RTM. They are ok on the groomers, but not as bad as I expect. They are quite damp through the crud as well. They just feel very light and agile. Not sure why. I think I'm into this one but would like to try a few alternatives just to be sure.


Blizzard Bonafide 187: They did not have a 180 for demo so I grabbed the 187. When I started my first bump run, I immediately realized they are way too long for me...rather unwieldy. Still the tail does not catch but the combination of stiffness and length (maybe weight too but I don't think it matters as much) makes it hard to do quick rotate around the bumps. This pair exibited the same issue I was experiencing on RTM, which is I rock back and forth too much on them. I think it is due to the stiffness. I can work them on groomers no problem. Very stable and good edge hold. They are a bit slower than the RTM, I guess both due to the width and length. 


Nordica Soul Rider 177: They don't have 184 so I went with 177. The first thing that I notice is that they are quite nervous when I pick up speed on groomers. They are probably too short for me. In the bumps I do not feel the same nimbleness of the Peacemaker although they are shorter and narrower. I like the top sheet...


K2 Shreditor 102 177: Feels very like the Soul Rider...I don't like the top sheet...


K2 Pinnacle 95 184: Feels like jack of all trades (and the sentence come afterwards also apply...) They feel softer than Bonafide, but not as forgiving as Peacemaker. For some reason I need a bit more effort to hold edge angle on groomers when compared with Bonafide or Peacemaker, although the later 2 are wider than this. And they don't have as good of an edge hold as Bonafide (maybe someone in front of me destroyed the edge). I feel like this is some sort of 1 quiver ski. Never felt anything special about them. (I was expecting the top sheet to be entirely light green but they have some sort of yellowish lines running on the side...kinda ugly...)


Did not get a chance to try DPS as they have a ton of Wailer with tech bindings that no one is trying, and all din binding ones are out...


I'd like to know what you guys think of them, and is there anything else I should try for my need?