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130mm last

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Looking for boots for backcountry 

I have very wide feet , right foot is 130mm and left is 125mm last

My foot length is 28.5cm and I wear 44 Birkenstocks

My present boots are 29cm Strolz custom with a 329mm shell


My last boots were 31cm and punched with custom liners and toe spacers


I am looking for boots with a walk mode , my Stolz are stiff at 100 and make it difficult to do any backcountry touring


I tried a lot of boots on in the last 2 weeks and so far the best fit was Head Cube3 8 in 30cm

But in a Tyrolia Ambition or Salomon binding the walk mode would be switched off


My research is pointing me to one of the vacuum heated shells with custom liners

Yesterday the shop  I went to suggested I try again in spring and order boots for next year

But he is not sure how far the Fischer or other boots can be stretched and he will meet with them next February to discuss

His fear is stretching it so far would put too much pressure on the instep


Any help is welcome





Aomori Japan

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this might help in general


So basically, the published boot widths are based on a standard size 26 (both mens and ladies) and are the measurement of the width of the widest part of the forefoot.   So a 95mm width foot is narrow and a 104 is wide, right?  Not really.   This is because the width is proportional to the length, and the length is based on a sample size of 26.   So if you have a 100mm wide foot, but wear a 23 boot,  that makes your foot wide. If you have a 100mm wide foot, but wear a 29 boot, you have a VERY narrow foot/boot. To remain at the same 100mm width, you need to change 2-3mm per size up.   So a 100mm/average width actually measures  95mm in a size 24, and 105mm in a 28.      So, this makes it all clear as mud, right?


All this is assuming that all companies measure from the same place on the foot, are using the same angle, and are they measuring the foot or the inside of the shell of the boot, and is your foot touching this shell anyways? This is also just the width measurement, and doesn't take into account the overall volume, the vertical height of the forefoot, and the heel cup size, or a host of other things.


So yes, this can give you some info on your foot/boot, but is just a very small part of the equation.     To get good help, please see your local ski boot fitter, to get an idea of what actually works for you.   At most stores, you are best to call ahead, bring in your old boots, some very thin socks, and any footbeds you have."




so look for a 102+ width boot and you should be at a good starting point.


ALL boots can be made 5+mm wider PER SIDE.


technica magnum comes to mind

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