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Good watch for skiing?

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Hi, I'm a teen, and I'm usually allowed to get one expensive gadget per year. I want to be able to track my speed, runs, distance, and vertical. I know that there are a few watches out there for skiing. I've seen the garmin fenix 3, but it looks a bit big and it's awfully expensive. What would you recommend?

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Most people are using their cellphones these days. I use a non-watch that does runs and vertical, but not distance and speed. For that you need something with a GPS. If you use your smartphone, you can come on here and argue about the accuracy of the speed.
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I like my High gear Altimeter watch.  Doesn't track speed but does a very good job of accumulated vertical feet.  More accurate than my phone.

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Look at the smartphone app 'ski pursuit' by rossignol will show details of speed at points in the run
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Suunto Ambit 3 Sport

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So, how does the Suunto Ambit 3 compare to the Garmin Fenix 3?

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According to DC Rainmaker, as of March 2015, the Fenix has much more complete skiing functionality, including 3D distance:


There's useful discussion in the "Comments" section on that link. DC Rainmaker is mainly a triathlon-related site, but he is a keen, expert skier and among the most informative sports gadget reviewers on the web.

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Correction, the date of his review is 2013, the date of the last comments is 2015. But it doesn't look like the Ambit has been updated to match the Fenix's functions.

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well, I ended up just using my cell phone and saving a ton of money, so that's good

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Originally Posted by mrB17 View Post

well, I ended up just using my cell phone and saving a ton of money, so that's good

There's a few good cell phone apps, put that money towards shredding. :)

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