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Lookout Pass 2015-16

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Friday 12/11  Skied Lookout today,  6" powder.  Only chair 1 open.  snow was good to ok and face skied good.  Montana side good, Idaho side lots of tree tiptops on top and then clear below that.  runs and side of runs in powder skied good, no hazards.  Ventured down chair 2 side and cut across terrain park back to road.  chair 2 side is BAD needs at least another foot. Good day for my lst day of year.  Parking lot a little over half full, no lift lines at all. Fun Day

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Not the case @ bachelor.

Ok it wasn't that bad. Good to be back on the boards Pete.
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Great pic. nice little line. Where is that? don't see very many skis or helmets.   Yep nice to be skiing again.

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That Revy line up was reported as being 2 hours long. Not my kind of skiing. Revy is poorly laid out and over hyped.


By comparison, at Sun Peaks we opened 8 days earlier than Revy with more runs open. I got to the line up at 8:15 at the Sunburst quad and was on the 10th chair when they opened 15 minutes early at 8:45. I then passed a bunch of snowboarders who were strapping in and got on the 6th chair on the Crystal triple to the upper mountain. I was the 7th or 8th person down the Chute.

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Sounds like a fun day for you dano.


Skied Lookout Sunday.  8 inches of fresh.  Chairs 1,4,2 open.  Was on the 7th chair and everyone was skiing the face so I went over to backskide and had lst tracks on Whitetail, no groomed, a few tree tops showing but was really good, hit the road and went R to Keystone (also no groomed on the lower part) and had lst tracks on lower Keystone and it was really good, no hazards just 8 inches of snow showing.  Went back up and had 2nd tracks on same route, went back up and had about 3rd or 4th on Sundance and over to Keystone.  Had 4 really good runs in the powder.  After that the hordes from the front side came over and all was hammered quickly.   


Good day and good powder.


Today, Wed it snowed 7 1/2 inches at my house but Lookout on had 2.   Anyway still waiting for Silver to get more snow as we all know how many rocks are there and have new skis this year and don't want a repeat of the 2 core shots I did there last year.

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