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Here is my favorite patent no. 2,967,042, Jarts Missle Game. Jarts is a game like horseshoes only with the added danger of a pointed missle projectile. Jarts are large weighted darts, scoring was by tossing them at a hoop placed on the ground. Great quotes from the box, "Jarts is the most exciting outdoor game today." Could that be because the players were always dodging a deadly Jarts missle? "An outdoor game for the family." I prefer the following, "An outdoor game for the life insured family."

Yes, it really is a game and yes I still have a set.

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Here is another device I have had the pleasure of using. There is no specific patent attached to it that I know of but the absoulte danger of this device is stunning and merits incusion here.

The Vertical Escalator

Unlike the ordinary escalator, the VE is a belt which moves perpendicular to the ground, not at a 45 degree angle. Attached to the belt are small hand grabs (about the size of the passenger side hand grab in the old VW bug)situated about 3.5 feet above a 2' x 2' square platform. The belt moves continously. Use is simple, as the hand grab and platform come through a hole in the floor, the rider simply grabs the hand grab and steps out onto the platform. Timing is everything. Another nice feature is that if you fall off you are likely to fall many floors, and if unlucky you may just fall through the hole in the floor and fall many more floors, and so on, and so forth. :

Another real hazard was some dope wearing a tool belt somewhere above you. Just think how much fun it would be to be hit with a 14" Crescent wrench falling from 3 stories above you. :

The VE I used to ride was in the Boise Cascade paper mill in St, Helens, Oregon. It would take you up more than 9 floors in less than half the time of any other escalator or elevator. My greatest fear was "going over the top" since on the way down you would have nothing to stand on or hold on to!!!
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no wonder the chutes don't bother you. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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