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Skis to replace Rossignol Pursuit 18s [CSIA Level 3]

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Hi there, first post so be kind to me!


I'm a female, 5'3", 119lb. CSIA Level 3, working on my Level 4 - first try at the exam in a couple of years.


I've been very happy with my Rossignol Pursuit 18s (156cm) which I've had for a couple of years and so now need replacing. I love how stable they are, I love the turn radius and I love the length of the tail. I am also very happy with their performance in the bumps.


What I don't love is how they perform off piste. They're goodish in the crud, because they power through it, but they are just hard work in the powder.


Last year, I skied some on the Rossignol Hero Elite Titanal ST TI and spent most of the time giggling. These are great fun skis, but the radius puts me off, and I didn't get the chance to try them off piste. I also own the Long Turn version, for race purposes.


Where I live, there is limited opportunity for testing of skis, so it's often a case of buying blind. Which sucks! 


So, any recommendations for skis I could look out for? Needs to be high performance on-piste in all turn shapes, capable in the bumps and happy off-piste. The focus is on the on-piste, obviously, but I can't have something that's completely awful in the powder.


Yup, it's probably a big ask!

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Wow, that's a burly ski for someone your size. 


If I'm reading this correctly, you're looking for a compliment to the pursuit for your off piste skiing, not necessarily something to replace it. 

If this is the case, you may want to consider something like the Rossignol Temptation 100 or perhaps the Head Great Joy.   both in the 98-100mm category and nicely place for strong off piste skiing. 

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Thanks for the reply. I was hoping to find a ski that was performant on the piste but I could still take off piste if I'm skiing for fun and spot a nice line. I'm starting to think that skis are become a lot more focussed in their approach, which is fair enough. I don't want to compromise the on-piste performance, so I'm probably best just going with two different skis and choose them on a day-by-day basis. It seems far easier to find an off-piste ski that's reasonable on-piste than vice versa.

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Think seriously about the Head Great Joy for less compromise. 

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Well... all all 4s I've skied with seem to adhere to the quiver approach. A designated performance ski for doing training and doing manoeuvres, and a fatter ski for more fun stuff. So that's probably your best bet. That being said, something like the Nordica Fire Arrow 84 EDT or the Elan Waveflex 84 might be alright. Not fat by any chance, and still going to be miserly in the powder compared to a dedicated powder machine, but better than a 67mm race carver. Also, most L4's I've seen will ski suitably well on any ski so there's that consideration too. Get a wider ski as your fun ski, and then when you go to something smaller, your on-piste performance will jump up.

Just out of curiosity, where are you located?
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