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normal side edge thickness?

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hi all, i bought a pair of volkl racetiger GS FIS, being race skis, i think that the edges have probably gone thinner, being a ski used in races, but the price was a bargain, about 150 USD including marker plate and comp 20 bindings.


i've measured the thickness with a ruler and it varies between 2mm at the tips( that area never touches the snow so probably that is the factory thickness ) and around 1.7mm below the bindings in the middle


the edge doesn't seem to have variations and comparing to the other 6 pairs of skis i have in the house they look similar in thickness


so my question is what is the factory thickness for a volkl FIS ski, if someone knows? i want to sharpen them during time using an aluminium oxide stone, and a Vola base&side edge file



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Congratulations, you have an awesome bargain. The Marker plates and bindings are worth close to double that price on the used market.

I have a pair of "new" 2012 Volkl WC GS skis that have only received the initial tune and have not yet been skied. A little later today I will get my dial calipers from the workshop and measure the width and thickness of my edges for you.



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I've noticed much higher prices on the used market indeed
I think the stock edge thickness is 2mm, because the tip area that doesn't touch the snow never gets thinner than the factory size

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Width - measured from base side = 1.0 mm in three locations


Thickness - measured from sidewall side at three locations


Near shovel = 1.36 mm

Underfoot     = 1.35 mm

Near tail       =  1.35 mm 


I am certain that variation is purely human error given that .1mm is equal to the diameter of a brown human hair, .01 would be 1 tenth of that. I can't see that well anymore. Sorry.



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Thanks for the reply, it means that these skis have a much more resistant edge steel, and don't need to be that thick.

Probably they weren't used much,and were sold because in 2012 the GS radius was increased and they became "illegal"
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I think your measurements are more accurate than mine, so i did them again, at the thickest 1.7mm, the thinnest 1.2 or 1.3 on the ruler.
They seem worn uniformly and the base&side angles are set for GS, i've checked with the file tool

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