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Garmont Xena

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Good morning everyone,


My wife has a pair of Garmont Xena boots (23/23.5), which she no longer uses, and I'm now looking to sell.

When purchased we received only the DIN sole-plates (no optional Touring plates as we don't tour).  As we're looking to sell them, I was just curious whether or not these sole-plates can actually be sourced out?


Anybody know if a potential buyer of these boots, will be able to find the Touring plates?


Lou from Lou's Skiing Performance Center actually sold us these boots several years ago now - Lou, any chance you have those plates kicking around in the back of your shop?  haha


Thanks very much,


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I'll look but chances are, no.  The boot has not been made for several years now and Garmont has ceased production of all AT boots.  Parts are not available.


Please call the store with the size and we'll check if we have any left.


(403) 288-8556


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