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Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere. I took a look around and couldn't find any threads that really compared the two of these. 


I am looking to pick up a pair of powder skis now that it is finally going to snow again on the west coast. I have a pair of Volkl Gotama's that I use as my every day ski and they kick ass. Definitely the best ski I've had, at least for my style of skiing, which I'd describe as a little more finesse and playfulness nowadays still with moments of just dumpin' em out and going full throttle through out the day. Where I have noticed that these skis lack a little bit is in the float department. Don't get me wrong, they get the job done but as I am spending more of my time side country and hopefully more backcountry now that I have the opportunities to get out more often, I want to get something for those real pow days. 


A buddy of mine picked up the Super 7s and loves them. I can take his pair out to test them and I am sure they'll be great. I have had trouble finding demo Shiro's so wanted to hear peoples view on them in particular. Since I ski the Gotama and love it I feel compelled to at least do my research on the Shiro's. The price is pretty much the same if I am ordering last years model of either online so it really comes down just picking one. As always, you guys are where I tend to go to do research once I've exhausted the usual ski sites and want a "real person" view. Seems they are both great skis so anyone that has any preferences, it would be great to hear, especially if you've skied both. 


Quick about my skiing: Grew up skiing the East, mostly Attitash/Wildcat but now mostly skiing Tahoe, usually Squaw/Alpine/ pretty much anything at those resorts. Usually take at least one trip to CO every year as well as random other locations like UT and Canada. I'm 5'10 166lbs.