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Bad week, just got worse...

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So, after getting broken into last week at the hotel, and then getting their insurance offer the other day, things have got even worse...
I had a letter from the patent office this morning, rejecting my patent request. It seems they believe the world isn't ready for a smoke alarm with a snooze button.

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Well they seem to be getting quite pedantic at the moment. I'm sorry to hear about your downward spiral at the moment WTFH. I hope the insurance claim was to your liking although how you could fit a Lear jet into your room is beyond me and how they got it through the window is just amazing.

Don't give up on the innovation super highway - one day you may even invent something useful like the windscreen that clouds up at the first sign of danger hence alleviating the worry about hitting things cos you can't see them.
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I'm still working on perfecting a beer that actually makes you mroe attractive to the opposite sex, not just makes you think you are, and I'm going to allow you to try some, cause I know you need to.

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Question :

The motorbike ashtray
The diver's umbrella

are already patented in the U.S.?? :
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We used to joke about the solar powered torch being invented by the Irish, the only problem is that it is now on the market!!

Those Irish fellas just don't know when they're beat. (btw they will do on Sunday 30th March, oh yes!!! [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] : )

Thinking about it we also used to joke about the helicopter ejector seat, which is also now in production, what can I say we were just ahead of our time!!
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What about the Irish manned solar exploration trip?

(and don't be stupid, we know the sun's hot, that's why we're going at night)

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What about the special design left handed pencil.
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Fox, Here's a tip. Don't leave your ID in your pants when you're a in a motel with a strange woman.
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Originally posted by extreme veteran:
What about the special design left handed pencil.
Yess, more power to the Left handed!
I'm going to sue all producers of goods which don't produce a left handed version of their goods for making my life miserable!!!
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A political comedian , invented and manufactured :
The a**hole cutter machine :

It was a Caligula-like huge thing that advanced slowly in the middle of his TV show ,while the politicians , military and other a**holes ran scared for their lifes .
It will be a good idea to make it for real and turn it loose all over the world. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Ahhhh, U.S. Patents. Here are a few mens hats.

1. Saluting Device. Patent No. 556,248, Year 1896. This nifty device permitted the wearer to tip his hat even if his hands were full. A wind up device inside the hat held the head. When the hands were full the gentleman had only to bow slightly and the hat would rise and turn 360 degrees then settle back in place. Who couldn't live without that?

2. The Luminous Hat. Pattent No. 273,074, Year 1883.

The hat was dipped into a luninous material, yes Virginia, it was carcinogenic, to make the hat glow in the dark.

3. The Gun Hat. Patent No. (sorry lost the number on this one). Year 1916.

The hat looked like a German WWI helmet with a gun barrel projecting from the front. A loop dropped down from the barrel and acted as a sighting mechanism. The gun was activated by blowing into a tube, thus allowing the wearer to activate the gun in hands-free mode. It also could prove problematic if the wearer were to sneeze while walking down the street!

I will look for more cool old patents!

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Hey, maddog , where do you find the patents info ????
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US Patent Office, ok, I also have a small file I keep on strange patents and the like. So, when I read about a strange one I just file the information.

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Originally posted by Maddog1959:
US Patent Office, ok, I also have a small file I keep on strange patents and the like. So, when I read about a strange one I just file the information.

One for your file :

Do you know that the first patent for a stylo pen was made in Argentina by an argentine-hungarian named BIRO .
We still call a stylographic pen here a BIROME as that was the first commercial name of it. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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one from the vaults

I'll take one "ski fan" please!

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