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Padded Practice and/or NASTAR Pants

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Hey folks,


I've seen a prior version of padded pants (maybe shorts?) that seem very handy for practicing and/or NASTAR runs but nothing available on the market now for an outer layer.  I make many NASTAR runs for conditioning & practice and hit my share of gates in a season.  I have both padded upper and lower under-layers and a close-fitting practice jacket made out of tough material with reinforced arms and elbows.  Practice jacket made by EnergiaPura.  However, my usual Spyder ski pants are pretty bulky and most definitely slow me down by .6 seconds or more depending on length of course.  


Anyone seen any suitable pants- padded or at least sturdy material?  Race appropriate pants would be ideal and more convenient than suiting up and wearing practice shorts over that.  Coach pants might be OK but a bit bulkier than I want and I don't want to run around looking like a coach wanna-be.  No yoga pants or Richard Simmons tights jokes either, you don't want to see this old dude in those. :)


Thanks in advance for any referrals / ideas.

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Maybe look into what ski-cross racers wear. They can't wear one-piece race suits but want to reduce their drag as much as possible.


I remember reading that the Canadian ski cross wear Descente so the matching pants would probably be Descente Comoro pants.


It certainly won't be padded and the material might not hold up. I'm only 26 but I can't remember seeing anyone in practice with specifically padded snow pants in my 20-odd years of skiing. Not even my coaches wear coach pants very often.


Suiting up and shorts has always been the way to go because pants can hinder some movements. The materials are generally not as stretchy in some areas (ahem) as a suit or shorts that can slide easily.


Maybe dig a little more into what ski cross racers wear for pants. I can't right now because I'm at work.

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Great idea- thanks!


One of  my race buddies does have an older pair of Energiapura pants something like the current stretch shell jacket- durable material, reasonable stretch.  I'll check out the ski cross angle.  Wish I was younger, I'd be all over ski cross!


Worst case, I have an old beater suit and can wear shorts.  Some pants that are already padded and not bulky would be very convenient for in-gate practice.  I'm a bit of a fanatic during the season and make a ton of runs.

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Look for padded under shorts with D3O pads. They are flexible and then harden on contact. I think Spyder makes some too. here is Slytech



http://www.the-raceplace.com/Slytech-MultiPro-XT-Shorts-p/15495z.htm  $149.00


And at Artechski.com



On sale here for $104.95   http://www.race-werks.com/body-armor/


POC makes some too!

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Look online.  Motorcycle stuff too.  geek.com.  Padded training short.  Artech?  GS suit. AU sliding shorts.  Wear em.  WHY NOT?  

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Have a set of the padded inner layer shorts.  Maybe those + the ski cross pants- something to take the daily beating.  Actually it's either my forearm or maybe back of upper arm & lats that brush or even bash gates.  Still would be nice to have something flexible but durable.  Thanks

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Football pads will do the trick as well and they are modular you can get the full knee-thigh-hips-tail bone or mix and match as you prefer. 

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