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Lange RS140 versus Head Raptor RS140

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Looking for a comparison, feedback, impressions, etc.from anyone that has spent time in these two boots (or their various other flex offshoots).  I've been in the Lange for the last 5 years.  I know it inside-out, and thoroughly love this boot.  


I know the raptor has the same ramp angle as the Lange, with i believe +2° more forward lean, what appears to be significantly thicker plastic, and a curvier/shaped last that makes it feel slightly lower volume.  But how does it ski?!  Is it as versatile as the blue boot? Or, does it lean more towards the frontside/racecourse?  I notice there are a lot of free skiers on the blue boot (and not on the RX) whereas not so much with the white boot.  Is there a reason, or is this a result of each of their marketing strategies?


I know the answer is "go ski them", but I'm hoping to get some feedback before i start punching plastic :)


Thanks in advance.

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Are those in fact a 140 flex ? Are you using it as a race boot ?


Just asking ?

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With only the bottom pin in, they are '130', and stiffer than the Lange RS 130. While theyre both lower volume boots, theyre different volume boots. I could ski either one, but prefer the fit of the Raptor. Locally, we see the white and blue boots skiing the same stuff: off piste, on piste, powder, etc....
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Max, both boots are labeled as 140's, but to markojp's point I can tell just by construction that the Head is 'more' of a 140 than the Lange (thicker plastic looks more like a true plug than the Lange).  I don't think I'll need the second bolt anymore ...


Anyway, they are definitely different lower volume shells.  The Raptors are going to take some work, which is what I'm pondering.

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FWIW, I have the bottom screw removed from my Lange RX120's. That makes them 6% softer if I recall right.

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I have been skiing the Lange RS140 for about 3-4 years. I ski all mountain with them and I coach for a small mtn race team. I like them a lot, but I wouldn't want them any stiffer, that is for sure. I probably would have been happy with the RS130's, but found them at a great price. The fit is great, and got even better when I added a "down under" foot bed.I found the foot bed allowed me to keep the boots a little looser and still have precise control. I have taken both screws out of the back of the boots and I would say they haven't softened at all. I am a bit surprised at that, but I am sure they are just as stiff with or without the screws. I am a die hard Lange fan and the only other boot I would consider trying is the Head Raptor, white boot.


RealSkiers has a very good write up on both boots, with lots of comparisons between them. The old owner of RealSkiers is the author and he has long narrow feet similar to mine. He got the best fit from the Head and found them to be laterally stiffer than the Lange. Each boot has its plusses and minuses. For high performance skiing, the Head seems to be a slightly better boot. Its not enough to motivate me to change, but in 10 years when I am ready for a new pair, I will look at both.


Upgrading to a Zip fit liner would probably be a bigger improvement than changing from one boot to the other.


For completeness, I am 6'4" , 245lbs and an expert skier.

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The Lange RS140 is a Lange RS130 shell with a stiffer liner and a higher number painted on the side.

The Head Raptor 140RS is a Head Raptor 130 with a matte finish instead of gloss and a higher number painted on the side.

I would assume this was in response to Lange having a "140" retail boot.

Neither is a race plug, but they do look the part.

It used to be enough to say that your race plug was <95mm. Then, Lange/Rossignol said their boot was 92mm and now the Head is 93mm.

The boots didn't change but the numbers did. This happens all the time, kind of like the half size, it's a myth.

Both are great boots, the Head has a lower instep and is a little smaller inside in our experience.

As to flex modification, I will again caution against removing both bolts from the rear spine.
Not only does it kill the boots power and rebound, it causes it to move through it's range of motion rapidly and stop abruptly.

Aspen Highlands opens for the season tomorrow. Time to start skiing!

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