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New to skinning - question

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I've been wanting to start doing some mellow backcountry and skinning at my resorts in Utah and CO (have avy training btw).

I know touring bindings have come a long way recently, but was looking at buying a used pair of Barons and mounting them to the only pair of skis I have that aren't currently mounted with alpine bindings: older ON3P Billy Goats.

A few questions: will the Barons work ok or should I really look at newer lighter bindings? And more importantly, will I be miserable skinning/touring with a heavier ski like the Billy Goat?

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I do ski tourng since some 5 years, say 20 Tours/Season.

I´m not a fan of extra-light gear and I can only laugh to the "fast and light" marketing driven trend.


That said, the combination of an heavy binding such the Baron and an heavy ski like he BG (which I never saw in flesh) would be quite overwhelming.

If you plan to do lift assisted freeride tours i.e. ride with the lift and skin a few 100 elevation   meters afterwards to enjoy the descend in the backcountry, then maybe.

But for (half)serious tours with 1000 or more elevation meters it would be too much for me.

Or a perfect endurance training for that matter.

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I thought that may be the case.  Any suggestions for older bindings and skis I should be looking at they I may find used for cheaper, just so I can try out the sport a bit? I don't need some fancy setup, just one that would allow me to get out, likely skin up a resort more often than in the deep backcountry, and have fun.



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Got forth and have fun.


And there is more to light AT gear than the weight.  Tech (Dynafit) bindings are far more efficient than frame style bindings in the uphill mode.


And I've been heading BC for just on 10 years, started with heavier gear and now almost exclusively ski (including in bounds) on light gear as it is a lot easier on the up, saving energy for the down.... and you spend most of the time on the up.  I would have saved myself a lot of money if I had gone straight to light gear but convinced myself for a long time that I would sacrifice too much in downhill performance.  I was wrong as it was the skier that was slow to adapt.

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