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Price: $30 + 2 plastic tip protectors in VG shape for circa 1980 Dynastar Omesoft.


I bought the 5SVs a few weeks ago. I have not skied them and have not adjusted the bindings.


1 ski is in VG- shape:


-- Base has moderate core shot and 2 other scratches that need ptex. 

-- Edges are intact. Minor rust.

-- Top has scratches.


1 ski is in G- shape:


-- Base has minor core shot along edge and 2 or 3 other scratches that need ptex.

-- Edges have minor cracks in 3 places and are slightly bent under boot area. Minor rust. Ski not bent.

-- Top has scratches. 


Bindings appear to be in G+ shape. Skiable.


Very nice skis with a little fixing up.