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Goggle lens

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So I own some Scott Notice OTG goggles. I got them used for $10 and they have worked great for me in the partly cloudy days and sunny days. They have a Scott nl-32 black chrome lens. I found though that I struggle in overcast days. I can't see anything and ended up crashing twice due to hitting random bumps I didn't see and going airborn unexpectedly. I know the Scott illuminator-50 lens is available for my goggles but it would be $70. I was looking on eBay and found some Scott goggles with a illuminator-50 lens on them for around $45 shipped. I don't mind carrying extra goggles. When searching though, everyone seems to reccomend the Smith sensor lens. What's the difference between red and blue? Does one give better contrast? I could get a pair of Smith Scope goggle for $40-$60 depending on color. Thoughts on what kind of lens/goggle?
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The Scott Illuminator lens is every bit as good as the Smith Sensor lens. 


As far as the Sensor, some folks have issues with the Red Sensor lens, the Blue Sensor is generally universally liked.

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Bolle markets an OTG goggle with a photochromic lens. I used it for three seasons and was pretty pleased with it. It was good for everything except the very brightest days and when clouds descended on the mountain.
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I will have to look at that. I forgot to Mention but I don't wear glasses. I just got a good deal on the Scott goggles and they happen to be OTG.
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I've got Smith Phenoms with Blue Sensor mirror and Green Sol X. PM me if you're interested
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