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Hi everyone, 


I'm new, but have enjoyed being a lurker on this site for a while. I am wondering if I could get some advice on a ski setup. 


Firstly, I consider myself an (maybe?) advanced intermediate skier. I can ski anything at most resorts (except the double blacks at whistler)...although, I don't exactly ski normal blacks like a pro... but I am getting better every time! 


So, I currently have two sets of skis, and my girl has told me I need to sell one set.. money is pertinent in all of this... 


BD Verdict (2011) 180, with Marker Baron bindings. & Atomic Ritual Vantage (2013) 182's with downhill demo bindings (on rails, which are slightly loose, and raised high up). 


So, I got the BD's mostly for the bindings. I've really enjoyed doing some 'slack country', short tours on the Barons. BUT I can't help but wonder if I'd be better off putting the Baron bindings on the atomic skis... a couple of my mates have dukes on sin 7's.  I'd like to get further into the back country eventually, but i've got to do some avalanche training yet etc.... 


So what do you guys think? I enjoy skiing both sets, I find the Atomics 'beefier', but also less maneuverable in tight stuff....but the demo bindings are shit (they wobble slightly... a ski shop told me "that's just how they are").  I find the BD's a bit lighter, and 'springy'  BUT they just don't glide through the power and 'crusty snow' (my nemesis) as well as the Atomics. I'm just not a good enough skier to tell the difference. 


What do you guys think? Is it worth getting the Atomics re-drilled? I wonder if I would really enjoy the atomic's if they didn't have demo bindings. Are they worse touring skis than the BD's?