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Hi All,


Looking for bindings for new Stockily SR95s. For better or worse, I'm a Marker loyalist. Was planning on the Jester 16 and am now considering the Jester Schizo 14. Looked over many of the threads discussing the Schizos. While there appeared to be some problems with early Schizos, not much chatter lately on them. I don't want to go the demo route. 


My questions are:


1. Are there issues with the current Schizos?


2. Is there any difference in the housings or internals between the current Jester and Jester Schizo? Marker site shows "Magnesium Parts" for the Jester 16 but not for the Jester Schizo. (I'm aware of the height adjustable AFD on the Jester).


Thanks much.