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Hi all,

Hoping you can help. I'm looking for new planks.

I'm 5'11" and weigh 170 (or 77kg). I ski mainly in Australia (like skiing eastern USA) and I'm a strong skier.

I like pretty much everything. My specialty is going flat stick on the groomers, even when they've been totally cut up. But I also love getting off the carpet and into the chopped-up stuff and into the trees. I love powder but we see it rarely in Oz.

I like all radius turns. I used to just lean a ski over and ride the shape it gave me (frankly I was just getting lazy). But after a good private lesson I'm back to working a ski to get the turn shape I want and just paying more attention to technique. Technically I'm a pretty good skier and I'm looking for a high performance ski.

I don't ride park or pipe, and I ski moguls rarely these days. These are not a consideration for me.

Given my weight (I'm not a big guy) what type of ski do you think I should be looking at? I only ever ride one set of skis. I like to know everything my ski is capable of, and I don't swap often.

Thanks everyone.

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My Fischer hybrid 8.0's have served that purpose very well. I think the most modern is 9.0 at the moment. They can swap between cambered and rocker. The rocket is good for non-groomed and the cambered is good for the groomers.
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