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So I am new to this forum and honestly, skiing in general. I have skied a grand total of 5 days and am starting to ski blacks and am comfy on blues without ice (getting there). I've only done groomed runs and the terrain park so far. I have a season pass to Snowbasin resort in Ogden Utah. I'm a 6 foot make and around 135 pounds (very skinny). I am expecting to ski around 15-20 times this season.

Now for the first question. I had rented my first 3 times skiing and finally I bought. A very helpful person at my local ski shop hooked me up with some smoking deals. I said a I wanted a all-mountain ski and that's all I knew that I wanted. I came home with some Used Fischer hybrid 8.0's that are stuck in the camber position, some 90 flex rating salmon boots, some used Scott goggle for $10 (notice OTG) and a head helmet. I already had clothes. I skied this setup and loved it... until I hit the terrain park. I found a new love for the park and would love to get better but I feel my skis limit me. I struggle to get any in air movement as my skis are heavy. What would be a ski that would have a cambered ski feel on groomers, do halfway decent in powder like an all-mountain, be twin-tipped and fairly light-weight for some tricks. I don't need a perfect ski in any category. Just a twin-tipped lighter all-mountain ski. I also noticed that a lot of the people in the park had skis with boots right in the middle. What difference does that make. I was looking at demo'ing some skis soon. Not even sure I want new skis yet.

Question 2. So my goggle have been great in sunny conditions. They are Scotf Notice OTG with a black chrome lens for a vlt of 30%. They have been spectacular until I enter the shade or the clouds come in. What kind of lens should I get to see some variation in the snow better.

Question 3 (last question) it was a little snowy one day and snow started sticking to my goggles. I know I shouldn't wipe them off with my glove so I don't scratch them but how am
I supposed to see? Any tips?

Sorry for typos (typed from my phone)
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