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Crystal Ball - Snow in Christmas

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We booked a week long vacation in Okemo over the holidays. As of December 6th that they were barely 10% open.So should we cancel, or do you guys think they will make some significant progress over the next three weeks and be 50%+ open by the Christmas? I would just hate to spend all that money/time and there be no snow. Thanks.

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Our local forecast is pretty grim, and I'm about 80 miles further north than Okemo. Of course, long range forecasts are not overly reliable, and there is a bit of a gap between the end of the latest forecast and your planned trip. 3 weeks is a long time in a Vermont winter. 

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Thanks. I am leaning more and more towards canceling it. Of the resorts that have snow (Killington, Okemo, Jay Peak,...) none of them seem to have much more than 10% of the trails open as of today. I am looking at the weather forecast for most of these places and many of them will see temps into the 50s this week - and well into the 40s next week. I just can't see how they can get to even 50% of trails open by the holidays.

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The reality is that there is no snow and no snowmaking temperatures over the next 10 days for anywhere in the Midwest and East.  Beyond 12/15 it does look like it will cool down and the jet stream will shift some.   There is hope that an extended cold shot below freezing could help save Christmas week at many resorts and get some additional chunks of terrain open.   


It's a toss-up.  Some people are time-boxed into these trips as the only time they can get off from work, school schedules and then go and make the best of it, find other activities when the skiing isn't so good.


If you are flexible and really desiring the best conditions, I'd consider a reschedule.  Wait until as close as you can within the cancelation dates though. 


My guess is that we are going to have a bad Dec, Jan is going to be more Dec-like conditions, and that Feb is going to be the month this year thats decent.

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Thank you - makes sense. We can wait until this weekend.  I think we will cancel and instead look to do a couple more weekend trips in Feb and March.

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Was at K-ton this weekend; all the athletes from Okemo and Pico were there because we had a few upper slopes open due to snowmaking. But forecast is for highs in the 48-52 range, lows above freezing, for the next 10 days at least, plus a lot of rain. All racing has been cancelled. I doubt even the main mountain will stay open. Talked to locals who have been skiing for say half century. Middle January is what they predict for a decent base. This fits with my experience; December is a crap shoot at best; last couple of years were unusual. I'd guess there will be maybe half the mountain "open" with a few inches of man made by the 25th. Cannot speak to Okemo, next valley over.


But IMHO, I'd bag the trip and come back in two months. 

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Thanks for the insight. We just cancelled and will look to go starting in mid January.

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