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Season Is Off to a Slow Start

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I was so excited to get to start using my brand spanking new season pass at Nubs Nob.  We went last week and conditions were pretty impressive considering it was all man made snow and only 3 runs were open.


Went again today and now 5 runs are open but conditions were absolutely horrible.  It was like skiing on a giant slushy with ice patches.  


Is it too much to ask that if the snow is going to be akin to spring conditions we get weather that is 45 and sunny?  Granted, it was 40 today but it wasn't sunny.  We took 2 runs and went home.  Just wasn't worth it.


I heard a rumor that Boyne was thinking of opening the golf courses back up for awhile.  That's just sad.

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Yeah, this season is starting out slow for many areas, particularly the Midwest and East Coast, and not looking good through mid-Dec.  


A fellow regular Nub's skier here as well.  Since I live downstate, I haven't committed to making any trips up yet until conditions get better.  We were originally planning for next weekend, but I'm plugging the plug on that idea, and we'll see about the weekend of 12/19 then.   


In my 25+ years of skiing, I've seen some pretty slow starts.  The last 2 years we were spoiled with the early cold and snow, however we had a few periods where it was so cold it wasn't all that fun to ski at a few points.


Some of the ones that I can remember in Northern MI:

1994/1995 - basically no natural snow until early-Jan, Christmas week was 40 degrees, all manmade snow, Boynes had about 50% of their terrain/lifts open

1997/1998 - a winter marked by a lot of up and down freeze/thaw/rain/freeze cycles; far too much rain in Jan & Feb

2001/2002 - another El Nino year.  I think Nubs opened around 12/15 with only the Purple lift and offered free skiing, they got lucky and were able to make a ton of snow the next week and it "saved" Christmas week

2006/2007 - another slow start and not a lot of snow around for the holidays


All regions seem to go through this.  Look at Tahoe the past few years.  2011/2012 was a terrible season for Colorado.


Not much we can do about the weather but hopefully be able to ski when the conditions are good.

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Relax, there will be plenty of snow in March when the resorts are switching over to golf and mountain biking.  In the meantime, take it up with these guys...


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