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I am starting to look around for my next set of skis and am feeling a bit overwhelmed. I would love to hear suggestions for what skis I should concider.
I'm on the east coast, so I am mostly on hard pack or ice. I primarily ski the Poconos, though I will be getting to Vermont. I'm female, 5'5".and heavy at 230. Though it's not all blubber, I'm very active/athletic and strong and I ski as such.
I'm a new skier, with only 2 seasons under me. However, in those 2 seasons, I've made 60 (yes, 60) trips. I pretty much stick to the groomers, though I will occasionally pop into some moguls (want to improve there!). I ski aggressively and fairly fast (often clock between 40-50 mph).
My current skis are 2012 Atomic Affinity Pure, 154. I truely love them but the more aggressive I get, the more they feel too short and like I just can't get the speed I'm trying for out of them.
I also ski my late boyfriends Salomon XWING 8r at 176 cm. I actually really love them, I can get some real speed out of them, really push them and feel secure, but I found that in certain cruddy or super slushy situations last year (as well as moguls), they just felt a tad too long for me.
So I'm hoping to find something in the mid 160s that will carve well, really hold the ice, something that really likes to be skied fast, but will also be ok for the few days a year we do get dumped on and have actual fresh powder.

Current suggestions have been:

Salomon Drive 8.0 FS

Rossignol Experience 88

Volkl RTM 81