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Hi All,


Still around - but have been exceedingly busy at my new office.  The best means to convey a lot of information is a phone call, and I'm happy to reach out to anyone I can assist.  If you'd care to PM me with a phone number, and an evening time thats convenient for you, I'll do my best to get in touch ASAP.  (I'm in Utah - so mountain time may affect those back east for example.)


Hopefully, I can help.  Certainly happy to try.


My very best to all



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Originally Posted by billskis View Post

My goggles have a synthetic screen across the top and bottom (perpendicular to your head).  What If I ripped those out to get more airflow?


I was riding up the chairlift with a lady last week and she asked, "How do you guys prevent snow from getting inside your goggles?" I instantly replied, "Try not to faceplant?" Then I looked over at her and noticed that there was no foam screen across the top of her goggles. Since it was actively snowing at the time she had small snowdrifts building up inside her goggles, filling up the bottom third in front of each eye. I tried to not laugh my head off but I did a bad job.


Re: fogging. If at all possible, get contacts or Lasik. 

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I don't use glasses for skiing.  only reading.

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Two suggestions: First, I agree that you should never remove your goggles outdoors and then put them back on. Your glasses will get chilled, and when your goggles go back on, they'll trap moist air, which will coat your glasses with condensation (fog) almost immediately. Second, if you must wear a mask, consider modifying it with a generous breathing hole for your mouth. The only mask that's ever worked for me is a neoprene and fleece model that cost about $2 (with free shipping) online. It had a bunch of perforations at the mouth, but my glasses still fogged until I took scissors and opened an inch-square breathing hole. Problem solved.

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Originally Posted by mrB17 View Post

Hi, I had a pretty big problem last season. I'm a teen who has been wearing glasses for a few years. I would usually just ditch my glasses while skiing, but now my eyesight has gotten a lot worse. Last season I got a relatively cheap pair of otg goggles, and whenever I would ski, especially when I exhale, my glasses under my goggles would fog up completely (I wear a ski mask). Anyone know a fix? Is there a certain model of goggles I should get?


I know about your problem. 


Get contacts if you possibly can. Talk to your ophthalmologist, tell him you need reasonable vision at 50 ft. Disposables are thinnest and most easily tolerated. Forget the astigmatism etc and see how you do. 


Get prescription sunglasses again tell your ophthalmologist what you are doing. UV protection is a must! Mine have leather side pieces so I don't tear up when skiing fast [ which is most of the time. ]



Get the largest high volume goggles you can find, make sure they are double glazed [ most are ] warning you may get severe sticker shock. But look after them and they will last. My Carreras did 30 years. 


On a good day or in light dry snow I wear the sunglasses. 


On an indifferent day with snow I wear the sunglasses or my regular glasses with the goggles over them. TOP TIP never put them on your forehead, if they fog up try to get soe airflow through them by lifting them slightly from the side or bottom. Anti Bou or Cat Crap helps a little. 


If I know I am going to be out in heavy wet snow out come the contacts and I accept that I can't read the piste map anymore. Generally I wear the goggles but not always. 

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