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I would really appreciate help choosing skis and boots.

I ski mostly off piste/technical terrain and bumps. I would say expert at off piste/trees.  

But this is European off piste so rarely proper powder. In France the rental shops are rubbish so don't let you demo/don't have current range equipment.


I was thinking trying the Lange  2015 as it fits my wide foot/instep– Im not sure what flex I would like. But I think you can adjust to a flex~100, is there any harm in performance with flex adjustments? why dont most people buy higher flex boots so they have more options? Also how easy is it to punch a boot at the instep, as the half size smaller is a good fit apart from pinching the instep on one of my feet?


As for skis Im unsure also, I want a one quiver ski thats pretty manoeuvrable. Also not sure about length and turn radius.


Im 185cm 77kg. My old pair of skis were 166cm 13m turn radius- I got them when I was a young teenager, served me well, but the edges were pretty detuned after 5 years so dont know what effective turn radius they were. I found them able to technical/steep terrain and bumps even as I got older but rubbish on the piste, no edge hold, and not great on powder and not that stable at high speeds.


As for bindings- do they matter that much?



sorry theres a lot of questions. Any light shed on some of the areas would be great.