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K2 Potion 80?

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Anyone familiar with this ski?  2014 model; shop says it's advanced (as am I) but not so sure after looking at a couple of reviews online.  I'm level 8, female, east coast skier; ski mostly hardpack, like short radius turns, moderate speed, finesse skier.  Have a Blizzard Black Pearl and older Viva 7.7 in my quiver.  Like both.

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For what it's worth, most of the time I've seen the K2 Potion line recommended it was for an intermediate.  One reason I didn't bother to demo any Potions at a Massanutten demo weekend last season.  Was more interested in the Rossi Temptation line and the Head Joy line.  I liked the Temptation 80, Temptation 84, Absolut Joy, and Total Joy but didn't spent that much time on them.  Even though the Temptation 80 was a bit easier for me on the bumps (very, very short section), I ended up getting the Absolut Joy over the summer as my Mid-Atlantic ski.  The price was good and I like that it's light weight for walk from the parking lot.  My all-mountain has been the Black Pearl for a few years.  I've improved from Level 7 to Level 8 (of 9) in the last couple of years.


Here are a couple recent Diva threads that mention the Potion 80.

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