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Rack for inside a ski box?

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Anyone built racks for inside a ski box rather than just piling everything up and letting it bang around?  Bought a carrier off craigslist last week that someone smashed into their garage roof.  Little plastic repair kit and it is good as new.  Now looking to build some sort of rack to hold a few pairs of skis/poles and my skwal in place so that they are not just bouncing around.



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Just get a piece of foam and or some towels. Done.

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Originally Posted by x10003q View Post

Just get a piece of foam and or some towels. Done.

Meh - trapping moisture against the edges is not my intent.

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Originally Posted by oldjeep View Post

Meh - trapping moisture against the edges is not my intent.

Unless you keep you skis in the box all winter, moisture will not be a problem. When I get back home I wipe the excess moisture on the skis, wipe out the box and replace the towels. The foam is closed cell.

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I just hook a single bungee cord over the pile of skis and poles from one side to the other.  Stuff stays put well enough for me.

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Yup, bungee cords are the answer. The inside of my box has D rings that you can secure the bungees to. Skis go in the box, bungee goes over the skis, nothing moving around. Sometimes the simple answer is the best one. 

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No d-rings in my box and I don't want them sitting on the bottom of the box anyways - not planning on wiping it dry after each use.  I know I've seen some folks who have built little ski holders inside these boxes, hopefully one of them will chime in with some pictures.

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Actually I build two racks to fit across the ski box, one in front and one behind the bindings.


Essentially each is two small pieces of 2X4, one on each side of the box, with a smaller 1X3 spanning the box . They are fastened together and wrapped in carpet. one is placed 1/3 approx. from front and the other 1/3 from back of box. I put carpeting on the bottom of the box and the racks fit quite nicely into small flaps I cut in the carpet.  When you want to use the box for something else, I just lift out the racks and fold back the small flaps of carpet where the end of the racks fit in.


When the skis are base to base,  they rest on the two racks with the one binding facing down and the other up.


Holds 4 pair of skis.  Poles are slid under the racks or just set on top.


Of course someone always screws me up and brings a bag or a snowboard.  The board usually fits easily on top of the skis binding side down, but ski bags are a pain. :-)




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Going off twa2w's description, I built something similar with some 2x2's and an old peg rack. It is bolted to the box using some of the extra mounting holes.

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