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Do you take a "tool kit" on your ski trips and, if yes, what's in it?

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I do, and mine contains:


- set of hex keys, regular sizes, metric seems to do fine.

- four in one screwdriver

- small screwdriver

- inexpensive mutlitool

- knife (inexpensive folding utility sort)

- army style can opener

- bottle opener w/cork scores (and spare, I ain't taking no chances)

- knife sharpener

- matches


Hex keys come in handy not only to adjust skis and bindings but to reattach faucet handles and towel racks  in rental condos.  Quicker to do it myself than contact and wait for the handyman.

Screwdrivers because something always falls apart or needs tightening, and one of the somethings is going to be small, like glasses. Or somebody wants to try somebody else's skis and bindings need to be adjusted to fit the different boots.

Mutlitools come in handy for all sorts of things but has probably seen the most use snipping old-school lift tickets off jackets

I always want a knife, just a thing with me.  Something will have to be sliced off or open.  Modern packaging requires it.

The old army can opener is because often the kitchen utensil kit in rented condos is seriously lacking.

Same with bottle opener/cork screw.

Knife sharper because the cutlery in rental condos is ALWAYS dull beyond anything I can tolerate.  I hate dull knives.

Matches 'cause they are never available when the ladies want a candle lit.  And other things.


This kit - in a sturdy canvas bag - goes, of course, into a checked bag.

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In my boot bag one can usually find:

Duct tape

Sharpening stone

Lighter and p-tex candle

Metal scraper

Plastic scraper

Spray wax for cold and a cake of warm wax for rub on occasions

Posidrive and a big flathead

Couple of spare ski pole baskets.

Spare pair of skis in the ski box


For a long trip I'd bring the tackle box with the wax iron, soldering iron and all the tools, files, stones, waxes, etc..

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I bring a wide array of tools with me when I go on ski trips. They're called my ski buddies. :duck:


Other than that, duct tape, gummi stone, and a knife/Leatherman. I have a bottle opener on my keys, and I'm Boston Irish, so I don't drink wine on ski trips (or much at all). 

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No, but I love the idea of the knife sharpener.  Will add one. to the travel bag for this weekend

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I have a backpack that I take everywhere, though I don't ski with it.  I don't, or haven't yet, taken a ski trip on one of them new-fangled airplanes so I don't know about whether I'd take the whole thing with me on that kind of trip.  But I carry a multi-tool and a first aid kit in my parka, and most anything you can think of in my backpack, though I'm not into bringing Allen wrenches or extra screw drivers beyond the multi-tool.


I carry:

rope (cord-type)

foot warmers

boot warmers


sun block

duct tape


powder cords

extra clothing, gloves, hat

more first aid stuff

granola bars

whatever else I need for the day


The pack stays in the car while I ski and I stuff my pockets with all of the things I figure I'll need for the day.

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A bottle opener, always a bottle opener.

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Mine sounds pretty much the same.think thats the standard PNW day pack to go along with the gortex jacket 

you missed the bottle opener and corkscrew but i bet yours  like mine is always in the vehicle anyway. 


for those longer road trips i have another tote box that always  goes as well.

with extra window washer stuff lock deicers windex and paper towels for headlights fire extinguisher jumper cables -extention cord for the overnight block heater, heavy gloves, heavy tow rope, shackles traction sand and a shovel for those less fortunate  along with spare raingear heavy gloves etc don't mind helping out but not ruining my gortex. 


flashlight, matches candles a warm sleeping bag munchies and portable radio for those avy delays within in reach.

and the ice pick /window smasher  under the seat in case i wind up in a lake or someone else does . 

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I seem to break a boot buckle or two every out of town trip so I should bring spares. Trouble is when I get the buckle replaced they usually only have one that works, if that, so picking up a spare is not an option.

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Flying - a multitool and one of those little edge file thingys.  OP, does not your multi tool contain a knife and bottle opener and screwdrivers?


Driving - I always have some tools in the car.


I once broke a ski while on a trip to Vermont, was able to find a replacement and bought a cheap drill to mount the binding.  Had screwdrivers in car. This was before multi tools were invented and when Dynastar had a facility in Burlington.


My girlfriend always travels with a wine opener and if she's not along I am drinking beer or bourbon.


Duct tape is like the force, it has its dark side and its light side and it holds the universe together.

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I carry the same whether flying or driving.


1 small T handled snowboard tool. Screwdriver/Allen/Torx

1 gummy stone

1 ceramic stone

1 flint and steel

1 bundle of 0000 steel wool

1 Bic lighter

1 storm whistle

1 two-way radio with fresh batteries

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Wax brush

Edge file

Edge stone

Leatherman multi tool.

Zip ties.

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Yes, the multitool contains a knife.  And the kit contains a better knife that the multitool.  And the knives are sharpened ;)That's why I put the toolkit in a checked bag.  My carryon boot bag contains only stuff I may legitimately need to get on the slope, minus skis should the ski bag be lost or delayed, the day after.  I'll rent demo skis, but I'd really rather have my own boots and ski clothing.


Flashlights are a standard part of my travel pack.  I don't go nuts with them (not when I travel, been accused of having a flashlight fetish on home turf and auto) but I have a couple that are quite small and reasonably powerful.  Once had the good fun of being in a blacked out high rise hotel.  I don't get caught w/o flashlights anymore, don't even think about them as "extras".  


I also carry some wax and a brush - didn't really think of those as "tools" although I suppose they are.  The skis will be well waxed before packing and then touched up.  Haven't, yet, brought sharpening equipment.  None of my gang is back country or even rocky off-piste types so we're not apt to wreck edges or bases.  We'd turn to a shop to have that kind of repair done.  BTW, I'd just decided the other day to add 000 steel wool to the ski-care kit.  Hadn't thought of it for travel.  My thinking was for hitting rust on edges, what else do you find it useful for?


I've heard a couple suggestions that I will add. Zip ties are wonderfully useful, I do carry some to lock down various things.  Some small bungies and some maybe a 12 foot bit of paracord. My grab and go storm box contains almost everything the back country types have mentioned but, as I said, I don't go to such places.  Never built that skill set.


Duct tape (even Gorilla Tap which is duct tape on steroids) is a good idea, but it would need seperate packaging as it wouldn't fit into my "tool" bag.  


Most of the car stuff people mentioned is standard for any driving trip but for our major ski trips we're flying.  I have gone as far as to ship a ski rack to a friend near Denver to save that rental fee but the friend is no longer so conveniently located ;).  

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