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re started skiing after being away [25yrs.] so before buying a new pair ive tried 84  dynastar pow.track then the 79.

so i bought the later.found that the 79 were easier to turn, drift or carve.

im 57 yrs. of age only intermediate skier.and from the east.[orford and owls head]

was int much snow this year so ive never had the chance  to ski were they were deep snow conditions, mostly hard pak and ice surfaces,

with  maybe 1 to 3 inches of snow sometimes.

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You won't boot out with a proper plate.
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Originally Posted by markojp View Post

You won't boot out with a proper plate.


Yup, and I used to use 'em. Still have some of the "lifted" skis.


But I mostly use the Shamans. Amazing ski. For me. YMMV.

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Great article.  Leaned a few tricks, thank you.

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