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Full Tilt punching

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I was wondering if it is possible to do a punch in the area where my ankle bone hits the inner swivel area on the Full Tilt boot?  The model is the Soul Sister and it almost looks like the swivel is plastic instead of metal. I have had the inner ankle punched in other boots but my ankle hit always hit the shell not the swivel.

No one locally stocks or orders  Full Tilts.  So ended up buying some online.  One of the shops is willing to work on my boots partly because they never have any small sizes to sell me.

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sure you can stretch that area BUT care is needed and the stretch will be more limited than it would be if it was not on the pivot (i don't have a FT boot in front of me, but the pivot would normally be a bit below and behind the ankle)


and to the other point the cover of the pivot is plastic hence extra care needed , so VERY VERY slowly and with VERY gentle heat, but any good fitter should know that anyway

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