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Fischer... Progressor, Ranger or Hybrid Fullfit?

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Sorry for this new thread, but the question has changed and I can't modify the title.  I am looking into getting Fischer vacuums.  My feet are oddly shaped and I have bad/loose ankles that tend to pronate inward.  I am currently using Rossignol Alltrack Pro 100 though they don't seem to be the greatest boot for my feet and ankle issues; it's fine for touring and all mountain cruising... but I need something that fits better and will offer me more performance for harder charging on variable conditions... especially as I am trying to move forward in ski instructor certification Level 2 and 3.


I am not sure if I should get a Progressor 11 or 13 as the boot is advertised as primarily for on piste.






The Ranger 12 looks like a great all mountain / free ride boot, but I feel I can use my Rossignol All Tracks for back country and touring.... this I feel would be a lot better for side country / all mountain though?




The Hybrid 12 boot throws me off... I don't understand it's place in the line up as it tends to overlap with the Ranger mostly... What is difference between the Hybrid and the Ranger... can anyone explain?




I ski mostly at Revelstoke and other mountains in the BC interior.

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Progressor 11 and 13, basically same boot, except flex - 11 is 110flex, 13 is 130flex.  This is Fischer's All-Around Performance model for "average" width feet, relatively upright stance and neutral ramp.  For a solid, technical, non-race skier this would be the pick.  The flex dependent on your size, aggression, and flex preference.  The RC4 130 and 110 are also good for technical skiing, but more aggressive fit (start out lower volume and width) and more forward lean and ramp.  


Ranger and Hybrid, pretty much same boot, except Hybrid will adapt to wider feet a bit easier and skips the Vibram grip on the soles.  Very similar to your Rossignol Alltrack in intended use.  Good for light hiking, and soft snow, non-technical, all-mountain skiing.  These both give up a fair bit of precision relative to the fixed cuff Progressors or RC4 boots, but do offer convenience and ease of use.   


Hope that this helps.



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So I guess what I'm wondering... Would the Ranger 12 fullfit replace my Alltrack Pro by offering better fit, comfort and/or performance? Or would it be comparable? The Alltrack Pro's don't seem to be the greatest fit for my foot shape.


If they aren't going to be a superior replacement for the Rossignol All Tracks then I'll likely go for the Progressor and use both boots...  

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The Hybrid/Ranger will be very similar to your Rossi Alltracks.  Similar types of boots with similar performance envelope.  The Vacuum system is very effective and you should more easily attain a better fit than with your existing boots.  Maybe the fit improvements will help with your performance issues.  


However, the Progressor definitely has more precise performance characteristics than any boots with the walk/hike feature.  

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Sounds like I'm better off going for the Progressor then for a noticeable difference... Problem is they don't do 120 full-fit, just comfort fit... So I'd need to choose between an 11 or 13.


180 pounds, 5'11, advanced skier.  I've never been in a boot stiffer than 110.

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I'm 5'9", 175 lbs.  I've been using several pairs of the Vacuum RC4 130 over the last 5 seasons  I like the boot a little stiffer and easier to get in and out of so I also use Intuition Powerwrap liners.  My wife just got a pair of the same boot.  She hasn't skied in them yet and will be starting out with the stock liner.  I might try the Ranger if they put tech inserts in it to go with the walk mode.  My touring boot is the BD Factor MX 130, also with Intuition Powerwrap liners.  I don't have many days on it, but it seemed almost as good as my Fischer boot before bootfitting work and a fresh liner.


I ski over 100 days a year.  I need a boot that performs very well and doesn't kill my feet.  All of my boots are good to wear all day for many days in a row.  I never mess with my buckles once they are on.

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The key thing you need if you have a loosely constructed foot is proper footbeds. I'd worry about that before addressing boots.
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Would the Fischer vacuum fullfit negate the need for a custom footbed?

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No... You will still want a foot bed.
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Still on the fence about what direction to go... even spoke with two different people at the shop who vacuum fit the boots and one suggested the Ranger if I want to replace the all track pro with a superior boot for fit and performance... the other suggested to keep using the all track pro and get a progressor.


I guess the main issue I have is due to ankle injuries foot pronation the all track pro don't seem very comfortable or a great fit especially on my injured side with torn tenant.  But both my feet pronate and I have "loose" ankles...


So should I replace the all track pro's if they don't seem to be working for me... or keep them for touring and side country and go for the progressor?

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I tried on both the Ranger and Hybrid this fall in a shop in SLC.  I went in for the Ranger and left with the Hybrids.  As coolhand mentioned in post #2 the Hybrid is a tad wider in the toe area.  It just felt better, especially on my 'problem' foot (fused toe joint from hammertoe surgery).  I've skied them 3 days and like them very much.  I am concerned about the 'walk' mode, however.  It doesn't seem to have much freedom of motion.  I even forgot to switch to ski mode one morning after walking in from the parking lot and didn't notice until lunchtime.

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I am same height, weight, ability, and I too have never had an advertised flex more than 110. I am in the exact same quandary - wish there was a Progressor 120. What did you end up doing? Thanks!
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