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hey guys & girls , looking to buy a new "all mountain touring"  ski to use for this seasons adventures , currently ski on a Kastle FX 94 at 176cm

and although its an amazing ski , found last year when doing back to back long days on steepish ascents getting a bit knackered for the descent home . So started to look fo a lighter ski for the sole purpose of longer and multi day trips . I have tried a couple of superlight thin waisted skis in the past , but my tecnique not good enough to say i actually enjoyed the descent rather just survived it .

Have narrowed my search down to three new skis for 2016 that are similar in weight and percieved performance , but as they are new for this season there is not much detail out there to help me choose , also first trip planned for early january so going to be difficult to demo before i buy ,


im looking at the TX 97 in a 177cm , the whitedot in 176cm and the mythic in a 177cm , all the skis seem to have the qualities im looking , but with varying construcion and dimensions , i know its a long shot but any feed back from people who have skied any of them would be great. i.e do you need to be a "chris davenport / fred syverson / joe vallone"  to ski these thing or will an average joe get the benifit from their attributes


im 5'6" 170lbs and a good off piste skier who like a steady pace of descent 


cheers in advance for any thoughts:beercheer: 

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