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Atomic Sugar Daddy

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Beta Racer or any else: any information about the new Sugar Daddy and Big Daddy. I am an Atomic fan and want to add a fat ski to the 'ole quiver. Any idea how it would ski-or anything about its properties? also lenghts--I am on 180 Atomic Race Carv 9.2. 5'8"/ 150 lbs. Level 7-8 East Coast mainly--but 10 days a year in Utah. Would I go to the 183--or down to the 173--any thoughts?I was also thinking about the Chubbs--but I fell for the Atomics after getting off the Volants--
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Atomic Stomp:

Sidecut: 176 (116-88-106)
186 (118-88-108)

Atomic Sugar Daddy:

Sidecut: 163 (122/99/112)
173 (124/99/114)
183 (126/99/116)

Atomic Big Daddy:

Sidecut: 193 (133/107/123)

If you can read french theres a good article about them on SkiPass.com (where I got this info).
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I saw somebody with a pair of the Sugar Daddy's in a line up at Blackcomb on the weekend. Unfortunately, I wasn't close enough to get any info.

This now makes 5 fat skis in Atomic's line up.

Does anybody know what the target market is for each of these models?
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I got my hands on them last week , all seem to be on the lighter side re: weight. The Stomp is the softest and the Sugar softer than the Big which seems to be a beefy ski. Word has it the Sugar skis some what close to the 10.ex but more forgiving and the Big means just that "BIG" (seems to be torsionally rigid and only comes in one length/193). The color is a little off also the Sugar doesn't appear to be pea soup green. I guess these thing kick up a rooster tail when your really cookin in the powder .
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Leeroy - were you able to see if the binding is integrated or not or if you can mount up AT or Tele bindings? Also whats up with the length of the Sugar, I can imagine lots of people would want that ski in a 193 as well.
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Pierre Yves Leblanc and Robin Courcelles base out of Whistler and are AFT riders. They would have the Daddy models now. Robin was testing the Big Daddy last spring allready.

The new Big Daddy, Sugar Daddy, and Stomp models were designed with and for the AFT (Atomic Freeride Team) skiers.
The Stomp is a terrain park/new school freestyle ski.
The Big Daddy is for BBBBBIIIIIGGGGG mountain skiing. Helicopter access, really deep snow, steep, and fast.
The Sugar Daddy is a cross between the two. Someone not powerful enough for the Big would benefit form the softer and smaller brother.

The other three fat models, available now, are the 10.ex. Powder Ride, and the Heli- Star.
10.ex is a true all mountain fat. Great in soft, very good on hard.
Powder Ride is an awesome heliskiing ski. With the new Big and Sugar available, this one will most likely be discontinued.
Heli Star is ideal for heli and cat skiing operators' rental fleet. Wide and easy to ski.


Stay at 173cm for the Sugar. I would suggest you consider a more all mountain ski, such as the 10.ex. The Sugar Daddy works best when the snow is soft and deep, and can be quite tiring once the runs get skied out. The three to-be-released models are basically the full blown top end ski in the Ride line-up, like the Race 10.22 and 9.16 are in their's. The 10.ex will allow more freedom to ski the whole mountain in a given week. If you have guaranteed powder though....
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Beta, I have a pair of x-scream Series for the skied out stuff. I was thinking of buying some 10ex's or BigStix 84's or Sugar Daddys to add to the quiver...

Never talked to or gotten much of a review of the Sugar Daddys. I ski fast and hard in NW concrete. Need more info...10ex of SD?
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Sugars haven't been released yet, so you won't see a review for them. I have a pair which I mounted this morning before heading off on the road trip. If I get a chance to try it, I'll give my impressions.
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wow that would be outstanding... The 183's?
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Planning on any Heli/Cat excursions while you are up in BC?

With the snow slowing down I am still hoping for a Sugar Daddy report.. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Christ, why not just strap two monoskis to your feet? :
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That would be the Big Daddy
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Earth to Beta-Racer...

Are you back from the great white north? Did you ski the Daddys?
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Still waiting for some new snow.

The Sugar is a very soft flexing ski. I have not skied it yet, so no skiing characteristics can be given. I have the ski ready to go as soon as we get any measurable new snow.
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Soft flexing eh? Soft and stable? Can't wait to hear your impressions...

I found this on another forum:

4 of us tested the news toys ( 3 men, 1 woman, all with big mountain experience in Chamonix, La Grave... but still amateur).

The tests were held on the 2 Alpes Glacier -> groomed snow, no powder
We all skied at least a couple of hours on them (actually I did spend 2 full days with the Sugar and the Stomp).

The results :

Stomp : fun, efficient, terribly efficient on big GS turns... Looks like a freestyle ski but feels like an All Mountain/Big Mountain GS ski, plus the fun and look... I never felt so secure with either X-screams or Powertracks... Didn't test the freestyle abilities but should be good...

Sugar : Our favorite. So efficient and steady (?) at high speeds. Never been so fast on skis before, with such a full security feeling.
Still, the skis are pretty heavy to carry (no problems when on the snow).
Can't wait to test them in deep powder...

Big : only one of us tried it (snow was groomed!), looks like the weapon for Very Big Mountain...
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