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Toe nails falling off

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I'm hoping someone here can help me. For 25+ years I lose my toenails every year or two. Every time I seek advice the answer has been a new set of boots, insoles or something. I've been told the boots are too big and the boots are too small. The same thing happens in both.

Two years ago I went to a top boot fitter very well known on this forum. I bought expensive boots and custom insoles that were recommended. Last year I lost both toe nails. Already 3 ski days into this year one toenail is turning black and the other is painful.

This only happens if I get any air while skiing. I'm not a big jumper, but some is just part of the sport

Any advise would help. I will say from the trauma my nails are thicker and maybe more prone to injury.
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Well I'm only guessing here, but I think the air is the give away.  I'm guessing if you never landed you'd never have a problem.  Boots, skis and feet couldn't care less if you are in the air, but they care very much when you land if you land in the back seat.  If you land in the back, boots to big to small or just right won't save your toenails.


Make certain they are cut short, land forward.



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yup, afraid I am with Lou on this, sounds like a position on landing error

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Which might be caused by a position on take off problem---which might indicate a fore/aft balance problem some times caused by the boot. Do your boots have a lot of forward lean? Do you have large calf muscles?

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No big calves or unusual set up. It's being in back seat for sure but it can be on smaller air. I was hoping there was another set up answer.
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Sorry, no other answer.  Land balanced or stay on the ground and you'll keep your toenails.

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Just skiing in the back seat can cause nail loss. It's not just the air..

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