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Do Lange RX 130 Liners Run Small?

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I have a new pair of Lange RX 130 in 29.5 sitting at home waiting for the snow to fall. My shop did the shell fit and got ~15 mm so seemed the right size. My feet were 31 and 31.5 cm in length and about 110 mm wide, but apparently Lange shells run long? This was not the only model of 29.5 they had me try on, but the only one that held my heel and instep firmly. After a reasonable period of time, I took off the boots and socks with no real hot spots to speak of. The problem is that my feet felt compressed and my toes felt cramped , which didn't seem right based on the shell fit. The fitter cut and ground my old insoles, which relieved some of the pressure, but I'm worried about skiing the first day. The fitter said that Lange modified this liner recently to put neoprene in the toe box and that this can bother some folks by pressuring their toes, but that it should loosen up and the liner pack out after skiing a few days. If still a problem, they can start the usual measures. Should I be worried or just accept that I'll need to break in my first set of performance fit boots? Maybe get a new, thinner insole?
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Must be a dull topic, but I've read that some boot companies will short-last a liner to make it feel tighter without pain then it will loosen up too much as it breaks in. I wouldn't have thought a Lange would resort to this tactic.

Update: I revisited my local shop and a different fitter was working, one that I've dealt with favorably on another non-boot related matter, but is almost my height and same length in feet. He looked the situation over and decided I need to try a 30.5 LV boot based on his experience with his own feet in Lange and other boots, but these are a special order. Once again, the other boots he had me try on, even 100 last, were loose in the heel and instep. I'll report back when they come in and I try out the fit.
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sometimes a thread doesn't get many answers if it drops down the page a little, or if a fitter has time to answer a couple of questions they pick the ones with that appeal to them, no rules remember they don't get paid and we are all running ski boot businesses which are kind of busy right now!



if you have a good shell check then the 29.5 is probably correct, the lange liner does't so much run short, but it is a little tight in the toe box IMO, putting an expander ram into the liner and applying a little heat can often be all it needs to make them feel a whole lot more appealing top go skiing in....how old is this custom insole? and is it still doing its job correctly ....one thing to remember is that it is all about how much space is available rather than the numbers on the box, so without your feet and the boot in front of us we cannot give you a 100% accurate answer

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I second the 29.5.... When you are standing in your boots flex forward. Your toes should come off the front slightly.. It is essier to create more space in a boot that fits snug. We cannot shrink a boot that is to big.....,
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Thanks for the responses and your help. In the 30.5, the toes touch the front and come off as I flex forward, but still just graze the front. With the 29.5, the toes never come off the front of the boot, the pressure is lessened, and my toe area gets cramps after a short period of time. The fitter was afraid he would not be able to punch the toe box enough without affecting the toe lug interface with the binding. From what he said, I gather this punch is less than 5 mm. The insole is a sidas medium arch and two years old. I tried a sidas slim and it helped a little, but my feet still started to cramp.

On that RX 130 LV 30.5. The shop called and said this length is no longer available from Lange in the LV. I've always had problems getting shoes, especially athletic shoes, and now it strikes here. They are looking, but no promises. Any idea if this is correct? A quick search of the internet did not show anyone carrying this boot in over 29.5 and no new old stock either, although I did see a used pair sold on ebay, so apparently it once was made.
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the RX 130 LV is definitely made in 30/30.5 there is just no stock available at this point in the season (same in europe)

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Okay, my shop called the Lange rep and apparently only a couple dozen RX 130 LV 30.5 were imported to the US. They are probably sitting in high-end shops at resorts like yours! wink.gif So the shop owner suggested getting an RS 130 in for me to try and and compare to the regular RX. I think he expected me to take the RX, but I now own a new pair of RS 130. When I flex forward, the toes just come off the front of the boot, and the ankle and instep area are as tight and snug as I expected compared to the RX in 29.5, but the RX in 30.5 felt too loose. I never thought I'd end up in a race boot, but may be it will turn out for the best in the end. I'll update again once we finally get some open terrain in PA and I can take them out to break in.
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I've skied my 30.5 RS 130 twice now in PA and am very happy with the snugness of the fit around my ankle and instep. The left little toe might need a little work, but the right foot seems okay after the second day; the first day was a bit miserable as expected. The toes still touch the front of the boot while riding the chair lift, but come off as I flex the boot while skiing. The boot stiffness in cold weather was more than I expected, but skiing them hasn't really presented any problems to my limited experience. I will be traveling to Sunday River and Sugarloaf next week if, and will have some lessons where I hope the instructor can advise me if I need to adjust the stiffness and stance.
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