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LV (very low arch)

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To replace my very old boots (5 buckle Dolomite sintesi 8.5; 26.5, 303mm; says 110 flex - but very stiff skiing) which have a growing crack in the shell:


I've tried on ~5 options to fit my low arch/LV foot (Technica Mach 1 LV; Lange RX 130 LV; K2 130 spyne;  Nordica GPX130, Salomon Xpro130).  The one which seems to fit me, at room temperature, without hard points or other issues, is the Lange (also 26.5, 305 mm).  I am 165#, 5'7";  shoe size 9-1/2; ski boot size 27.5 (I wear one shell size smaller than this for fit).


A couple points to ask about the Lange:


1.  It isn't quite as incredibly vice-like tight as my current boot, and just a smidgeon longer too.  But pretty damn tight and no hard points unlike the other options tried on.   Does this boot pack out much? 


2.  It seems to flex a bit more at room temperature than my boot or the other comparables I tried on; salesperson noted this boot is polyether instead of polyurethane and it stiffens up a lot at skiing temperatures.  Is this so?  How much more stiff?


3.  Any issues with this boot that I should be aware of?


4.  Anything other brands/models worth trying?

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Another option may be Fishers vacuum boots...This is a true custom moldable boot that can fit specific to your leg/feet....
Lange is a great boot if it fits. Boots today are softer than in past but still have great lateral stiffness.. Like any boot the liners will pack out in time..the toe box in the lange is slightly wider than in past thats why the boot does not feel as short.. A little happy toe room will not hurt you.. Todays liners are also built better. These liners hold the foot and tend to have a more comfortable fit than in past.. I do recommend seeing a boot fitter to help with your boot choices before shelling out $$.... Good Luck...
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