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DIY Boot Heaters 2015

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Hi all. I found a thread on this site "Diy Boot Heaters" but last post was over a year ago.

Im looking for ski boot warmers for this winter and don't want to spend £140 x4 for my family.
I found this item and bought a couple to see hoe they go,
Only £0.70 each!!

I hooked them up to 4x aa batteries and they did get warm enough but the batteries died after about 2.5 hours

How do these compare with the thermic heat elements that earlier posts say run hot with 4x aa for a lot longer

Does the thermic heat element run more efficiently, or is it that the heat is much more concentrated than these ones I found which are 10cm x 15cm (but specifically designed for close skin use)

Any thoughts apart from the obvious cost difference would be much appreciated!

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I used to use Boot Gloves until I discovered that just dressing warmer on my legs (extra layer) negated the need for them. Used the Boot Gloves one day last year. It was -7 F. And decided they were more hassle than they were worth even then. Dressing warmer requires no batteries.
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