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boot break in

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Hi there, after the end of the last season i bought a pair of Nordica Dobermann WC 150, 27 mondopoint ( 8 uk 9 us ), and went for a short ride yesterday, not much of a snowfall, but there was enough to test the boots, i really like the stiffness, but i think i went a bit too low with the fit, the shell fit is less than 10mm and my feet go really numb, but without having a concentrated pain anywhere inside the boot


i wear thin socks when skiing, and at the end of the day i have to sit in a warm place or use the car heating system to take them off more easy, i've noticed the sock was a bit wet from the pressure, but i didn't have any blisters, only redness from the pressure


my right foot has a length of 286mm and the left one a few mm more


do you think this kind of liner breaks in a little bit after a few skiing days?

should i loosen the liner tongue for a better instep room?


here are some pictures for a better understanding



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can you be  more specific about where your feet were red---were they generally red all over, or at several spots?


I have skied that boot and can understand about them being hard to get off when they are cold---that just goes with the beast.



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Thanks for your reply :)

i've just sat with them on my feet for about 3 hrs in the house, and i think the extreme numbness was because of the sew lines in the socks.

Also the liner has a sew line on the inner side of the heel, and my heel stretches the pocket of the liner because i chose them as tight as possible by measuring my feet.

The redness areas were on the sides of the heel and in front of the navicular area, down until the joint of the big toe

I feel the pressure on the sides mostly and especially on the left foot, being a few mm longer than the right


in the end i chose to remove the sole that sits in the liner and together with a thin sock it makes a good fit, without having as much numbness as before


if the liner packs out during time, i will insert back the sole in the liner and won't use a sock then


that liner has a thickness of about 3mm of dense foam and it pressures my foot against the upper area of the shell, and also leaves a deep mark on my heel


i've checked the sole and it's a simple flat piece of foam, i don't feel any empty spaces without it


i don't think it's a professional solution, but it seems to work


all in all i think it's a wonderful boot and i am well aware of the sacrifice of confort, but the control this boot gives me is quite amazing for my level :)

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You would need to be careful that you don't compress nerves for to long a period of time---it might be worthwhile to see a good bootfitter to determine whether or not that is going, as you could cause extended or even perminant damage.
It is possible to grind out the heel pocket to release excessive pressure.

You are right, the liner will pack out with a few days skiing, but if you still have too much compression---see the fitter.

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it seems that there are other folks around that ski without a footbed in the liner, i'll try that first because i don't go numb that way

if it will pack out significantly, i'll put the footbed back in

if there will be any pain after that, i'll go to a bootfitter in Austria on one of the skiing holidays because sadly in Romania i don't think i can find a good bootfitter.


regarding potential nerve damage, i think it's ok that my toes are ok, only the heel got numb with the footbed's the first time i hear that tight footwear can cause this problem, interesting

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if you need a good fitter in Austria, the best guy I know of is Fabian Stiepl at Intersport Brundl, in Kaprun

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thanks for the advice, actually at the end of january i'll be skiing near that area, in Dachstein West, i could drive there.

i have a friend whose father works in aviation certification and he has a smart dremmel tool like the ones bootfitters use, but i'm a bit reluctant to use it myself, because obviously a bootfitter knows better where and how much to grind


removing the footbed seems to solve the problem for now


but you skilled guys who use stiff boots, i guess that you sacrifice a bit of confort against performance no?

clearly a racing boot isn't confortable like an average off the shelf one no?


because when you unbuckle in the chairlift it clearly is tight :)

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If the boot is the correct size you should not need to over tighten the lower shell to hold your feet---those buckles are there only to keep the snow out of your boots.


Be sure, to tighten the ankle buckle securely to hold your heels in the back of the shell, this should not hurt.  I mentioned this because you said you tighten the boots and they are uncomfortable.



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I wear a size 10.5 us shoe size and it is on the tight side of the foot, my boots are size 9 us
When tightening i use only the first teeth on the lower buckles with the micro adjustment setting all the way in

Previous boots were the same size but with 98mm last ( dobermann pro 130 )
Actual ones have the same shell on the exterior but the last is 95mm

It is interesting to compare the shells side by side

Also the heel is unibody, the pro 130 had a replaceable heel sole

And i think this is a rare model because usually the Nordica wc models have an ankle buckle that overlaps on top of the canting screw, and come in 93mm last, you can see from my photo that this one looks like the pro model

Probably that was their design for 2012
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It.s possible that the feet got swollen from the i am wearing them in the house with the footbeds on and no socks and no numbness at all, they feel quite confortable:))

At least i've tried all the possible fittings, and in case i feel pressure i can remove the socks and then the footbeds...strange

Can 1 or 2 mm of sock thickness count that much?
I perceive the sock as a compressible item and didn't give it so much importance until now

Also i think that given the ultra low volume of the boot i should be careful to place the foot evenly in the liner and line up the tongue and the lices so that they don't leave a pressure mark anywhere.

Again thanks for the advices, sorry if i write too much, i just don't want any pain on the slopes
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i think i've finally solved the problem, i bought a pair of lycra socks, very thin, but not transparent, and the boots suddenly the numbness has gone.

if the liner will compress, i'll use a thicker sock

my problem with normal socks were the sew lines that cut off blood flow to the toes

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