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183 Armada TST

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Skis are in A- condition, flawless topsheets, edges and sidewalls are thick and intact, and bases have a few minor scrapes (pictured) that are nowhere near the core and would not even hold ptex if you wanted to try to fill them (not deep enough). A base grind and these would be flawless.

Skis have 1.5 mounts (1 unknown tele mount so toe piece only that should not interfere with the location of alpine bindings, and 1 mount for look px). The boot sole is centered on the recommended line for 300mm, but i can confirm that the current holes, if reused, definitely can fit 300-320mm BSL (and a few mm in each direction beyond that). If you use any look/rossi binding, all the toe piece hole patterns are the same so you could easily reuse the toe hokes, and should you need to remount the heels, since 1 mount was tele, there is room for two more heel mounts.

$175 + shipping

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I'm interested.. write me on pVT pls

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Originally Posted by SuperTramp View Post

I'm interested.. write me on pVT pls
bro. Bro. BROOOO! Nah, mayne
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