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Action camera (Go-Pro, Ion etc.)

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Hello gang!


Looking for Go-Pro or similar device recommendations. At this point 90% of any use it got would on a ski helmet (although water usage is not beyond the realm of possibility).

I've used my brother's Go-Pro and it was okay, but I found it awkward to operate and align for a good view. I've seen SONY and ION side mounted style cameras and they look intriguing and more ergonomic to operate.

Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated! Thanks!

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I have had a Contour, which i preferred to the GoPro because of the ergonomics. Contour went under, so I just got a Sony AS200V. As far as aligning the shot, it's Wifi enabled, so you can use your phone to line up the shot and control it. If you really want to get fancy with it, you can also get a wristband remote that does the same thing. You can see what your camera sees, record/stop, and adjust the settings without taking it off your helmet. 

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In my experience GoPro is still superior to all their competitors.  The Hero4 Silver is extremely user friendly as it's one of the only POV cameras with a heads up display.  If size is a concern, the new Hero4 Session is tiny, but doesn't boast all the features of the Black, or even Silver.  We normally recommend the black to professional filmers or those with significant experience with a camera and editing software.


I agree with the intriguing nature of a side-mounted camera, but when it comes down to it GoPro has superior support, service, apps, accessories, etc.  We use a GoPro for all SkiEssentials.com filming, and I've used one personally almost as long as they've existed.  

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I've been looking for more budget oriented Chinese models. Leaning towards a dazzne p2 but have also looked into the xiaomi yi as well as the get1.

Hoping to get 3/4th the performance of the go pro at 1/4th the cost.

Anyone have experience with these budget models in snow conditions?
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I really enjoy my Garmin Virb Elite. A smartphone with the app can be used as a viewfinder, though I'd be surprised if most cameras don't have that functionality at this point. It's got similar ergonomics to the Contour and Sony -- i.e., more of a tube than a box. And it's water resistant right out of the box, with a dive case available if you want to use it for any sort of deep-water swimming/diving. It comes with a "third-party mount adapter," AKA an adapter to mount the Virb cradle to GoPro mounts (many more options than Garmin) and standard camera tripods.


But the main criteria that tipped me towards the Garmin rather than a GoPro is all the data that's available directly from the camera, because I'm a geek like that. The Virb editing software makes it super easy to overlay that data on your videos too, so you can see how fast you're going and how many Gs you're pulling in those hard turns.


Garmin has released some new Virbs recently, though I'm not familiar with those at all. I assume they'd offer the same functionality as the earlier cameras, just with different technical specs.

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