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Mid-February Northwest Ski Trip!

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I'm currently trying to plan a mid february trip, from the 16th to the 21st, and I really need some help deciding where to go. We want a resort within 5 hours driving distance of the Seattle Area, that has on-slope (or at least some) lodging, that should be at the resort. Not a Days Inn in a town 20 minutes away :-). Our family has ability levels all across the spectrum, from simple, green cruisers, to steep, powder, ungroomed, expert terrain. We are heading to Whistler Blackcomb for a weekend Early-Season (I wouldn't mind going there again, but it can get quite expensive), Sun Peaks for Christmas, but in the past couple of years, the local resorts around here aren't doing too well. So, this will be our main mid-late season ski trip, and I want to be there and skiing 3-5 days. Ok, I think that's it, and thanks so much for any recommendations you can get me! If there's any more information you need, just ask!

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Oh, joy, President's Week, plus Alberta Family Day (but at least NOT BC's).
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I know, but the kids get the week off from school, and of course they have to go skiing. ;)

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Crystal Mountain? About 90 minutes from Sea-Tac. The biggest thing in Washington, not a real village but a couple of smaller hotels at the base, terrain to keep anybody entertained. It is big enough to handle a lot of skiers on a weekend.


Look them up, great hill.

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I was going to suggest Sun Peaks but I see that you are already planning a Xmas visit and at that time of year you will find it busy but not crowded. At the busiest time of the day there may be a 10 or 15 minute line up at the Sunburst (bubble) chair and Sundance chair. If that is the case just go to the singles line or to one of the four other chairs.


You will be happy to learn that at Sun Peaks we just concluded one of the best US Thanksgiving weekends in recent memory with well over 100 of 135 runs open. One good storm and SP should be 100% open so there should be excellent conditions for the Xmas Holidays.


I work part time at Elevation Ski and Bike Shop in the lower level of the Sun Peaks Grand Hotel so stop by and say hi and if we can arrange it I can show the serious skiers in you group some of the lesser known ski lines. There are also free Sun Host tours as well as "Ski with Nancy Greene" tour that is highly recommended.


As to the planned mid-Feb ski trip I recommend driving a little farther and going to Silver Star near Vernon B.C. Like SP it is a great family mountain with a great variety of runs and the same high quality snow. Once you get to Kamloops, instead of driving 3/4 hour to SP, you go in a different direction for about 2 hours to get to SS. So it is not that much further.

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You don't have a lot of options for lodging at the base and 5 hours from Seattle. In WA as I'm sure you know your only option is Crystal Mt (I'm not counting the roadside motel at White Pass). It sounds like you live in Seattle so I'm sure you know what's there. And you are already going to Whistler and I sure wouldn't go there over President's Day. I guess Timberline Lodge on Hood is an option, but I don't know if it's a good option for your needs. But that's it for 5 hours.


Schweitzer in Idaho is about 6. They do have a little village at the base; it's nothing to write home about, but more than Crystal has. You'll probably want to go into Sand Point for dinner and such. 


If you expand your drive time to 6 1/2-7 hours you have the option of Big White and Silver Star.

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Don't forget  Apex,(Penticton) -   very small  village but  enough on hill lodging, Always the least  crowded in the Okanogan 

if you like it steep  it's a nice hill.  Take a look at the trail map  It's also easy to split your time between Okanogan hills.     

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