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Amphibio ski technology of Elan

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Have you tried Elan Amphibio skis on so-called  “wrong feet” (since they are dedicated right & left skis with this model) like in all-mountain softer snow conditions where the inside rocker (instead of the outside) also works great (i.e., the wrong feet, no problem); Do they ski better the right or reversed way, just different, do not worry to try them both ways and see for yourself.


Skis blasted through anything with ease everyday all day and held on variety of terrain surfaces, right from the frozen first run to the slushy last one in afternoon sun on lower elevations. They DO ski better the intended left.right skis way, i.e., inside camber and outside rocker. I did explore Amphibio technology with switching skis so rockered side is on inside after it softened up all mountain and these skis became just as playful as it was on hardback surface when the camber inside. I felt a softer flex, more float and a tighter radius by switching.  There is a noticeable difference in performance when switched but after a few turns in the deep corn, this pair of skis will do it all. Didn’t even need the fatter skis, Amphibio does it all (all conditions in one)!  


Even tired with somewhat painful upper leg muscles the ski seemed to take way less effort for to ski them again and again. They handled well, and turned great. I was really impressed. I have looked also at all the videos that are out there about this exciting stand-alone ski technology ( i ski 2015 Amphibio 78 Ti Fusion w/ ELX 11 bindings, possibly Tyrol brand).


One thing, at the following site, under products, you will see the description of the asymmetrical binding (misleading is the best way to describe).  http://amphibio.elanskis.com/pc.asp#xpath=#xpathid=#lang=eng. I touch bases with online skis.com dealer.  The binding is asymmetrical only in color, nothing else!  So the ski and binding can be switched. Sure they will ski differently which should be anticipated.  So, don’t worry about what foot you have them on, simply anticipate and understand the difference when and where you ski.


However, there is one thing to keep in mind with Amphibio different edges - the inside edge is the one that wears out first and since one cannot switch skis to use freshly tuned edges. Therefore this means that I will be at the shop twice as much tuning my inside edge while the outside edge is still sharp. Some can disagree on switching "right ski for left" as Amphibio name stands for. 

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I've put in a few turns on the 84Xti and 88Xti with the skis on opposite feet during our demo days.  I was skiing on a soft, chopped up groomer for the most part, but ducked onto a harder race course for a few hundred metres.  They do feel a little different when swapped over, particularly at the initiation of the turn, but they're quite skiable.

With the Amphibios the new inside ski is designed with slight early rise in tip and tail (as you know) and the inside ski turns a little more easily than the fully cambered outside ski.  When you swap them over (left ski on right foot and vice versa) the new outside ski hooks up more quickly/easily (once tipped and pressured) and the new inside ski has to match that quicker turn, even though it's the edge with the full camber.  It did seem a little easier when I found some softer snow.  In those conditions the flex of the ski is driving the turn, rather than riding an edge on hardpack.


One of the top instructors on our hill is an 'Elan guy' and uses the Amphibio as his all mountain skis.  He reckons he actually prefers them swapped over when skiing in softer snow.  I don't have enough time on them make a call either way.

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