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Where to stay in Taos

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How crucial is it to stay near the slopes in Taos vs. staying in town?  Seems like the options are limited near the slopes.

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I've always stayed in town. A benefit is you can stop at World Coffee on the way.

I am going to look to stay at the ski area my next trip, though, since I have never done it.
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I always stay in Taos.


Hotels are a bit cheaper, lots of restaurants, and there's an inexpensive shuttle to the mountain several times a day.

Beats driving when it's icy or when tired.

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I think it depends on you.  The town has an interesting southwestern historical feel where you can really see the influences of Spanish, Native American and western culture all mixed together.  The ski area has a bit of a European least architecture-wise, and none of the southwestern vibe of the surrounding area.  Most places I prefer staying at the mountain and not having to drive, but not at Taos.

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Staying in town is usually a better fit for most people. More things to see and do after the ski day. It's really quiet up on the hill - ghost town like.


Also if you are from the flat lands, consider the fact you will be sleeping at 6,970 ft in town rather than 9,200 ft up on the hill.


The drive from town to the ski valley is usually pretty easy. The road stays very clean. Even during a big storm. Don't need a AWD/4WD. A front whell drive is usually good enough. Non of the drama of the drive up to the bird in LCC.


There is also a shuttle between the town and the ski valley. Last time someone I knew paid 50¢ for a one way ride. It may be $1 now.       

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I hadn't thought of the altitude difference.


I have the first 4 days booked at the Hampton Inn because Hilton was having a 3-day sale (sorry, its over now) through the end of February.  Have an inquiry out for a VRBO at the ski valley -- not being a morning person, the idea of saving a half hour in the morning is pretty appealing.  If it doesn't pan out I will probably just extend at the Hampton (at a higher rate).


An off the wall idea that pops up in the search engines is a house or condo in the small town of Arroyo Seco between town and the ski valley.  (For really off the wall, there is the Abominable Snwomansion dorms there.  That would be a bit much, I think.)  I've driven through it many times, but never stopped there.  Does anybody have any experience or info on that town?


Grump, where are you and yours staying?

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Originally Posted by mdf View Post

Grump, where are you and yours staying?


Mrs. Grump's family have property on the hill. They won't be there that week so we are obligate to stop by and check the pipes. Just to make sure they don't freeze.

Things you have to do for family. :D 

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You sir, are a saint.

I'm in town at the Hampton Inn through the 1st and in a studio apartment at the ski valley the rest of the time.
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I've stayed in the Snowmansion dorms during the summertime when it was all but deserted - just me and a handful of WWOOFers and kids going out to the mesa to learn how to build Earthships. It was pretty much how you'd imagine a funky hostel in a place like Taos to be, and as a fan (mostly) of funky hostels that suited me just fine. I figure it's maybe a bit different during ski season, though. I actually spent a couple days ambling in and around Arroyo Seco and liked it in its tiny way. 


Stayed in town (Taos, I mean) last winter, which was great both for me and non-skiing family that wandered the shops during the day. Still had to pass through Arroyo Seco, so obviously made a daily stop at Abe's for a green chile egg burrito - the perfect liftchair breakfast, I think.  

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Other than the Snowmansion there was once a B&B in the Seco area owned by Jean Mayer but it is long gone. I'd call Taos Reservations and see what is offered. Seco of course has little to offer but after a day of bombibg the runs who cares? Also, in El Prado there was once a place, the White Horse Inn. Pretty cheap. May be closed however.

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Originally Posted by So Inclined View Postdaily stop at Abe's for a green chile egg burrito - the perfect liftchair breakfast, I think.  



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