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Sin 7's

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Typical newb to the forum asking for ski sizing.....but I was wondering if someone could give me advice on the Sin 7s from rossignol. I am a intermediate skier looking for a solid all mountain ski to start venturing off piste with and start becoming comfortable in powder with. I am 6'2, 172 pounds and am trying to decide between the 180 or the 172. I will be skiing mostly out west/northern rockies. I figure the standard response will be to go with the 180s but I have always skiied 180+ and am curious if the 172 will give me more responsiveness in the trees that I have always looked for.   Any advice is appreciated!  Thanks

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The Sin's ski short, so 180 at a minimum. The good thing is, they are popular and you should easily find them to demo on the mountain.

Have fun trying them!

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Great choice of ski.  I am about your size and I demo'd them twice.  The first time at Snowbird in about a foot of fresh powder with the 172 cm, great fun.  The second time was last April at Snowmass, I think it was the 180 cm.  I ended up buying a new pair after the season ended, 180cm.  It does ski short so I would suggest the 180 cm for sure.  The shape of the ski and with tail and tip rocker make the contact points very different than what you are probably used too.  It will take you a few runs to get the feel, but they are fun.  I am looking forward to using them whenever possible.

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Absolutely get the 180cm!  You'll love it.  It's a great ski for exactly what you described, intermediate to advanced intermediates looking to expand the terrain they ski.  Have fun with your new Sin 7s!

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