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Boot purchase

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Is this a trick question?

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buy the red boots.  


or this might help

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Originally Posted by RM MMike View Post

Thanks....I did actually read that article.


And perhaps I can narrow down my questions


1) From a boot fitter's viewpoint, are any brands inherently easier to modify than others because of their construction? I know that anything I get will require fitting/surgery/customization. When I had my current Salomons (which are actually red), fitted, the fitter said he hated Salomons because they were difficult to modify. Whereas Lange he claimed, you could pretty much dismantle completely and rebuild the way he wanted.  But as that was in 1998, perhaps things have changed?


2) Has anything really changed in boot technology since 1998?


3) Back in the day, for example, Koflach tended to be super wide, whereas say...I dunno...Rossignal boots tended to be pretty narrow. Is it still the case that brands tend to run wide or narrow?


I realize a boot fitter does not have a crystal ball and needs to see my feet. All I'm looking for is a starting point. I'd llke an unbiased opinion for someone who isn't trying to sell me something. If the answer to all three of my questions above is "no", then screw it, and I will buy more red ones.



Generally most all brands will have a model line of boots that run wide with high volume and another model with narrow heel, low volume---the best way to get a feel for what will fit, is to stop in to the local shop and try on many models and brands of boots and then find a "boot fitter" to get them set up correctly.  I can't see your feet from here, so it would be unhelpful to suggest a boot to work for you.



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