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Yes, another one of those help me with new skis threads. Thank you for your patience!


Me: 5'4" (barely) 117 lbs. advanced/expert ski 40+ days per year.

Current equipment: Scott The Ski 165, K2luv something or others in tele set up, and 2011 Atomic Century 168s with touring set up.


Need to replace: Atomic Century...hardly any metal left.


What I like about the Century skis: Solid, predictable, secure. I know they will go anywhere and won't let me down, capable, competent skis.


What I wish they were: A little more nimble and playful. Maybe more float? 


Skis I've demoed recently and liked: Volkl One

Skis I've owned and hated: Rossignol S-7 (2012 version)

Brand I don't like generally: K2 (I know, but I got the tele skis used for cheap)


My dilemma: Can't decide which way to go. There is quite a bit of overlap in my two main skis (The Ski and Century) and often wonder which ski to take out.


I found The Ski difficult when the snow got deep, wet and heavy. Centuries were much better. The Ski obviously more fun on hardpack and groomers. Difficulty is the in-between 4-8" of new on a busy day.


Do I replace the Century skis with similar 100mm? Do I go in-between and get something in the 104-109 range?  Or do I go for a 115 =/- dedicated powder ski?


I am a bit nervous about too much of a specialty tool. Let's face it, most powder days consist of some memorable untracked lines followed by a lot of tracked up crud skiing and often some exposed ridge, windblown, blown-off stuff too. (I like Knowing that the ski will do well if the snow in the chute gets nasty.)


I like to go everywhere but spend most of my time in the trees. These skis will have touring bindings for the occasional skinning adventure, so weight is a consideration. I am an old lady and not out to prove anything, just looking for fun and adventure.  


My list for your additions and/or editing:


Group 1

Atomic Century 102

Nordica Santa Ana 100


Group 2

Blizzard Shiva 104

Century 109

Volkl 100-Eight


Group 3

Volkl One

Head Big Joy

Nordica La Nina