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Skiing in Japan

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Going to be in Japan for a few days next month (dec 14->20) and wanted to get a couple days of skiing in.. Will be flying into Tokyo and was wondering about recommendations on where to ski. Don't want to go too far away to northern japan, as that would result in a lot of time spent in transit. It would also be a plus if the area had attractions for the family to see as well, in addition to skiing. Thanks!


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Not many major areas besides Nagano.

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The Yuzawa areas are on the Shikansen line on the way to Niigata.. Fast access to sort of ok skiing, but nothing spectacular. You can also Shinkansen to Nagano... Try for the Hakuba area. They're the most likely to have ok snowpack on Honshyu during your timeline.
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Hard to say where there might be decent coverage by then. Watch the Daily Reports on

for Yuzawa, Hakuba, Myoko Kogen

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Skied some sweet dryslope in Kagura yesterday, no snow around here yet. It's snowing in Niseko, but still not open. Kagura will generally have stuff open before Hakuba.
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Seems like Hakuba has better coverage than Kagura, from the snow reports. Also reading that it's more suited for English speakers than other locations?


To get there I think taking shinkansen to Nagano from Narita Airport. Then taking a bus to Hakuba?


Any thoughts? Thanks!

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Yep, that's the way to Hakuba.  Shinkansen (not sure if it starts at Narita, although it may well do) and then a bus.


320km/h on a Shinkansen gets you there in a hurry.  Amazing just how quickly the power poles zoom by the window.  And so smooth.


You've probably read up on it, but Hakuba has ten or eleven resorts in the one valley.  Most of them are stand alone, so you have to get yourself to the base station (either walk to one close to your hotel or you arrive by car/bus) and then you ski that resort all day.  Goryu and 47 are the exception - linked on one ticket.  I'm told the further up the valley you go the fewer people in the lift queue (if there is one).


I'm jealous.  It's 35°C here at the moment.

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From Narita you have to take a train to Tokyo Station, then shinkansen to Nagano. If you have a lot of baggage it may be easier to get a direct bus Narita to Hakuba if the sched works for you:

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