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Need help with Lange XC boots

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Hey guys and gals, this is my first post but I've been reading these forums for about a year now and have really enjoyed all the great information!


So I've purchased a pair of Lange XC 120 boots. I have skied on them for 5 days now and I've come to the conclusion that they are a bit too stiff for my liking. My bootfitter did not say anything about flex adjustment when I bought them. The instructions that came in the box show both cant and flex adjustments directions, but I am pretty sure that these instructions are generic and not specific to my boot.


Does anyone know if it is possible to soften the flex with the provided allen wrench? If not what would be the quickest/most efficient way to soften the flex slightly?



Thanks for the help!



TL:dr- I have Lange XC 120 boots and would like to soften the flex

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Hi Cecil, and welcome to Epic, glad you are enjoying the forums.


the instructions you have are generic and cover pretty much the entire Lange range including the RS and RX which have bolts in the spine which lange offer as a flex adjustment method.


it is possible to soften the XC but it will require a good boot fitter, some tools and the results are permanent.  plastic can be removed from the upper edge of the lower shell around the saddle cuts which are already there, this is not one to try at home as the boot needs to be disassembled, cut then re built so it needs some specialist tools.


ski boot flex is a very personal thing so i guess the fitter selected this flex based on your foot shape, the amount of skiing you have done and your body weight.  


if the "fitter" who sold them to you is not able to do the work, let us know where you are and we can probably suggest someone in the area who can


good luck getting sorted


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How much do you weigh?  Plays into how stiff your boot should be.


How large are your calf muscles at the top of the boot? plays into your fore/aft COM position.



Boot stiffness problems can some times be related to fore/aft centered position---if the boot orients you in a too far forward position, you will feel like you can't get to the tongue of the boot---if the boot orients you too far aft, you will be standing on your heels in the boot at transition, plus G forces will sink your butt downward and you won't be able to flex the boot, either way the boot will feel to stiff.  Ski boots do have a set amount of forward lean and the idea is to move your COM, forward to a position just aft of you met heads, but many things can get in the way of you being in that "Nirvana" position.


So it may be that instead of softening the boot to get forward, perhaps you need to have you COM position looked at by a competent fitter before you have something permanent done to your boots.



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Thanks for the replies guys!


I'm 6'1 and weigh 165-170 depending. By COM do you mean center of mass position? I'd love to be able to avoid having to permanently soften them. If i just worked on strengthening my quads/hamstrings/calves in the gym could I flex them more efficiently ?

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